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SEO optimization knowledge explanation: optimization of three titles

Time: 2016-08-25

SEO optimization knowledge explanation: optimization of three titles

  Among the many seo optimization knowledge, title optimization is a relatively basic but important one. The title optimization includes optimization of the title of the website, the title of the article, and the title of the home page. The title is the impression of the user and the search engine on the website, so the meaning of the title seo optimization is very significant. Today Shanghai Insights shares the basics of SEO optimization related to title optimization.

  [Do a good job title positioning]

  Many industries are now doing website optimization, and the form of the title is updated. It is a pity that so many titles sometimes do not allow the user to distinguish between the website or the subject matter in the article at the time. Positioning well before writing the title, and then presenting the main website content in a simple form, it doesn't need to be too complicated, for example, "Which is a professional company in Shanghai."

  [How to get the title to get a good ranking in the search engine]

  If the title of the site is not too good, basically the entire article or even the site will not have too good traffic. What the webmasters need to understand is that most of the users enter the website by typing keywords, so we only need to focus on keyword optimization.

  1. First of all, you must understand the main purpose, use, or selling point of the product. Adding a brand, product, or website name to the title of the website will help you get a ranking.

  2. If the resource station is optimized, the title keyword is well-added with “free”, which is an important condition for attracting people.

  3, Baidu search box drop-down menu can also give us a choice of title keywords for a good reference. If we search for "seo", we will find "seo training", "seo tutorial", "seo technology" and so on.

  [Title is simple and clear]

  Of course, keywords must appear in the title, but they cannot be stacked. For example, "website construction, Shanghai website construction, Shanghai website construction company", we can directly use "website construction, Shanghai website construction company" to optimize, both concise, and no piles of keywords. If it is the title of the article, the keywords will be more detached.

  [Delimiter used in the title]

  Generally, Baidu does not make hard rules on the title separator. According to industry habits, Shanghai seo experts can use these separators "_ - | ,".

  After that, we want to say that learning is endless. In seo optimization, even if you think you are already familiar with a certain seo technology, you can still know the new one. Regarding title optimization, I will introduce it here today.