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How can the poor stationmaster win the war of independence?

Time: 2019-07-24

How can the poor stationmaster win the war of independence?

  Regardless of whether you are a successful webmaster or a webmaster who is working hard, we all need to admit that we used to be a poor webmaster and have a single battle. From site positioning, website construction to website optimization, website maintenance is a person. This often makes us pay attention to this, but ignores that, then how can the poor stationmaster win the victory of the individual war? The following is a detailed analysis.

  First, pay attention to the authenticity of website content

  Website content is the core of website optimization. We need to pay attention to website content optimization. No matter what type of website we have, we need to maintain the authenticity of website content. It must not be created by machines or sneaked. We have to rely on our own methods. To enrich the content of the website, or even if there is traffic, it is short-lived, and such a website is flashy, just like tofu, it is easy to be k.

  Second, pay attention to the focus of website optimization

  As a poor webmaster, we can't develop along with the development of the website. The website requires upgrading, and we will upgrade. If the website is to invest, my mother will invest. This is not right. Because we do the station for ourselves, not for the test program; because we are not very silver, the website is beautiful, the space is relatively poor, and the webpage is slower than usual because of your beautification. Imagine In the case of poor content, how many users can you retain? Therefore, we need to pay attention to the focus of the website and do a good job in user experience so that we can get a good victory in the war.

  Third, pay attention to the website law and regulations

  When we conduct website optimization, we must abide by relevant regulations. This is the premise for us to do a good job in website optimization. Some poor webmasters are afraid of the state support and do not take the regulations into consideration. Shanghai insights people want to tell you that you will only eat the consequences. Can't say that the state supports it. We can't be stared at by the relevant departments. It's a success! Remember to pay more attention to the relevant announcements. Don't get up one morning, find that the website is gone, run to the access provider, you know that it is My own mistakes are too late. There is no regret in the world to eat.

  Therefore, we know that the poor stationmasters want to get the victory of the individual war, we must pay attention to the website optimization user experience and website optimization details, so that we do a good job of website optimization.