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How to develop a website diagnosis report? Do you know the three ways of writing?

Time: 2019-07-24

How to develop a website diagnosis report? Do you know the three ways of writing?

  A few days ago, the boss asked us to write a website diagnosis report, which was a challenging task for me as a newbie. So I went to the experts of Shanghai Insights Company and they told me some methods. Combined with my own ideas, I came up with three ways to write the following website diagnostic report.

  Website speed diagnosis

  First of all, we need to write the speed of the website in the website diagnosis report. We all know that there are many factors affecting the speed of the website, among which server factors and website program factors occupy more. The speed of the website is fast or slow, we can use the ping tool to query. Many webmaster sites have this tool available, just enter the domain name, not much to say here. If the server is slow to open, then consider replacing it. In general, domestic servers are fast, and other servers in Hong Kong and abroad are relatively slow; if it is a website program factor. The website program is slow to open. It is usually caused by too many calls and large image size. It can be solved by using a tool to compress it. This is also very easy.

  Website structure diagnosis

  Website structure diagnosis is also required when we write the website diagnosis report, but the structure of the website we need to write here is the logical structure of the website, not the physical structure. Website structure diagnosis is to analyze the main skeleton of the website, to see if it is clear? Is it a good household experience? Can it give customers a good map effect, will not get lost? Can you guide customers to visit the website according to their own path? Website structure Diagnosing needs to first separate the abstraction of the website structure and then analyze it. We need to write down the details when writing the website structure diagnosis.

  Website promotion diagnosis

  Website promotion is the main work of website optimization. It is also the main content of our website diagnosis report. In which we need to write out the promotion methods adopted by the website? How to promote the promotion strategy and the target audience of the website? How to promote the implementation? What is the quality, what role it plays, and so on. These are all we need to write clearly, and it is very important for us to do a good job in website optimization.

  Website operation diagnosis

  Website operation is the work of post-site operation of the website, which is also a high reference value for us to do website planning. Therefore, in the website diagnosis report, we have to write clearly whether the website has established a sound operational process system. How is the division of the website operation team? How is the quality of the personnel in each position? How is the operation management assessment and supervision system perfected? Let us lay a solid foundation for us to do a good job in website optimization and website planning.

  After some of the above reference methods, I successfully wrote a website diagnosis report, so I would like to share with you here, I hope to help everyone.