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Shanghai Insight SEO Knowledge: Website Conversion Rate Increases Between Thoughts

Time: 2019-07-24

Shanghai Insight SEO Knowledge: Website Conversion Rate Increases Between Thoughts

  The rapid development of the Internet has given SEO optimization a rooted soil. Using website optimization to improve website conversion rate is nothing new. The key to the problem is what kind of means can be used to achieve this goal. Shanghai Insights have a wealth of experience in this area, and the webmasters listened.

  To improve your website’s conversion rate, you first need to understand the factors that hinder conversion rates.

  1, the opening speed of the website

  Factors affecting the speed at which a website is opened are server performance, website code, images, and so on. If the user has not opened the website for more than 8 seconds, the user must choose to leave. As a result, the conversion rate of the website is lower.

  2, the structure of the website is confusing

  When the user enters the website, they can't find the information they want quickly. Even if they don't find the search box, the structure of the website is very mixed. The clarity of the structure of the website affects the search engine spider crawling, indirectly or directly reduces the conversion rate of the website.

  3, the website quality is not high

  Why do users want to enter the site? Because they want to find useful and interesting information, this information is valuable. If the website is full of pseudo-original, or even all copied articles, what reason does the user have to stay on your website?

  4, the website keyword layout is wrong

  Speaking of keywords, the big mistake is to choose the wrong keyword, choose the keyword too broad or too specific, too cold or too popular. Keyword stacking affects user reading on the one hand and dissatisfaction with search engines on the other.

  Since the site has so many factors that affect conversion rates, how can companies eliminate these inconveniences? How do sites improve conversion rates?

  1) Purchase a stable space to ensure that the webpage can be opened smoothly and quickly.

  I just said that the big factor affecting the speed of the website is the server and space, so in order to get a good conversion rate, the company has to reimburse the cost and purchase stable, secure, high-speed space and servers. The speed of the website has increased, and traffic and conversion rates have come up.

  2) Provide time-sensitive, high-quality information

  The main body of the website is content, as long as the content is time-sensitive and of high quality, it can attract users. To create high-quality content, we must first understand the needs of users, and see what kind of articles they like to read and what articles they provide. This kind of data analysis work is still to let professionals do better.

  3) Constantly adjust the site to meet the needs of users

  After the website is online, it is not perfect. When the operation finds a problem, the webmaster needs to make timely adjustments or other adjustments to better meet the user's needs. If it is a revision, please note that setting 301 redirects and 404 is more friendly to search engines and users.

  The topic of improving conversion rates in website optimization will last forever. The search engine market is changing, the algorithm is changing, and the industry dynamics are well grasped. Even if you understand the news, you can improve the conversion rate of the website efficiently.