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The webmaster knows how the Baidu algorithm changed in the Year of the Horse?

Time: 2014-01-09

The webmaster knows how the Baidu algorithm changed in the Year of the Horse?

  2013 has finally passed! During this period, the webmasters have had laughter and tears, but the impression is still the frequent changes of Baidu algorithm. Regardless of the past, we have to look to the future, which is now 2014. According to Shanghai Insight experts, Baidu is likely to update the algorithm again. In this regard, SEO webmasters should be fully prepared.

  Someone once predicted that the Baidu algorithm will be updated in 2014, and the webmasters can see it quickly.

  Trend 1: Increase the assessment of original content

  The original content is an important node of Baidu's 2013 algorithm update. Although it has achieved certain results, it still needs to continue to increase its efforts. Why do you say this? Because webmasters who use collection and pseudo-original websites are still everywhere. In addition, Baidu search platform has already displayed the release time, author and website address of the article, which indicates that Baidu will pay more attention to the review of original content in 2014.

  Trend 2: Pay more attention to the quality of content

  The quality of the content mentioned here does not only refer to the originality of the content, but also pictures, videos, audio and so on. From Baidu's new initiative: showing thumbnails in search results, it will pay more attention to the quality of website content in 2014. Whose website is more graphic and more vivid, Baidu gives the opportunity to rank more.

  Trend 3: Increase the intensity of the external chain

  Once the direction is determined, it will not be easily changed unless it is found to be wrong. The impact of the Baidu algorithm on the external chain has been deepening. Since then, many platforms have been unable to set anchor text, and the forum signature is also ineffective. Now even if it is a high-quality external chain, if it is piled up, it may be punished by Baidu.

  Trend 4: Universalization and V certification

  Because the Internet is a virtual world, uncertainty creates danger. Therefore, Baidu launched the official website plus V certification in 2013 to prevent users from being deceived. At present, this rule needs to be improved. Therefore, in mid-2014, Baidu will popularize and deepen the website's official website plus V certification, so that users have a good browsing environment.

  Trend 5: Baidu strengthens its position as a product

  Before Google has yet to withdraw from the Chinese market, Baidu's work focus is definitely not the development of its own products. However, after the feng shui turns, Baidu has won the support of its products in China, including Baidu Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Library and so on. In addition to 360 search, Sogou and Tencent cooperation and other innovations, Baidu strengthened its brand development in 2014 is a matter of course.

  These are not unreasonable speculations, they are all based on facts, of course, whether it is fulfilled or not, it depends on when Baidu algorithm is really updated. Everyone will wait and see.