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Industry analysis is the unbeaten urchin of seo optimization

Time: 2013-12-18

Industry analysis is the unbeaten urchin of seo optimization

  Industry analysis is the key to doing a good job of website optimization. It is very important for website optimization. How can we do a good job in seo industry analysis? Shanghai insight experts specifically analyze the three methods of seo industry analysis.

  First of all, there are many aspects of the analysis of the keywords in the industry, and special attention should be paid to those keywords that are very popular. And it is to optimize the keywords according to their own needs, because even if we have the ability to do this word Baidu or Google's home page, what can it be? This shows that your ability is very strong. But the real ranking of the word I think is not so easy. Therefore, we should choose the keywords for website optimization according to the actual situation.

  Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to which keywords with network characters or regional keywords. It is easier to do these words than the keywords that are very hot, but it is not very easy. You need to go there yourself. Considered. Although these words are networked or have local keywords, their search volume is also big, and often these words are also popular in Baidu. At least there will be about ten. Such a word is quite difficult. If you are a new station or an external link chain of a website or if there is not a lot of content, it is difficult to put in the first few pages of the search engine. It is necessary to do a good job in regional keyword optimization.

  Third, when doing industry analysis, you need to consider regional keywords. Often regional keywords can have unexpected effects when optimizing websites, and at the same time help promote the construction and development of websites. Will bring some benefits to your optimization work. Just like some websites, its ranking also has a certain regionality. Searching for a row locally, searching elsewhere may not be able to rank. This is the so-called regional protection policy. For some relatively uncommon words, we may do and can do a lot of things, using keyword selection techniques to give full play to the advantages of regional keywords, and lay a solid foundation for doing a good job in industry analysis.

  Industry analysis is the foundation for doing seo, and the role of doing seo work is very large.