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Why are your seo all useless?

Time: 2013-12-12

Why are your seo all useless?

  When doing seo optimization, do you often feel that your website optimization is not successful, you can't do website optimization anyway, you find these reasons? When you are doing seo optimization, you have to know why you always I can't achieve what I want, and then find out why. Shanghai Insight experts believe that there may be some reasons for your own, and some reasons are caused by the development of the Internet.

  Search engine algorithms are always changing

  Search engine algorithms have not changed. If you have been sticking to your own optimization methods, and you don't know how to correct them, it will definitely lead to poor rankings and poor website optimization.

  The current search engine emphasizes the user experience. It is no longer the era of “no brain collection, free update of the station, and release of the garbage chain”. Now you want to do a good job of website optimization, you can only update the station continuously. Articles, publish high-quality links, let search engines see a great website.

  Seo competition is fierce

  In fact, sometimes you do not have the effect of doing seo, not that you did it wrong, but you have not done enough. The seo industry is very competitive. When you optimize your website, if you have insufficient ability, it is easy to cause yourself to be suppressed by competitors. How can you do a good job of seo optimization?

  If you encounter this situation, you can actually learn from your competitors. After all, if the competitors have been suppressing you, it means that you still have shortcomings, and the competitors are very powerful.

  Website service problem

  In fact, sometimes there is a problem with the quality of your website, the rankings are always up, the traffic is always up, and there may be problems with your website service. Generally speaking, if the website service is not good, users will not like this kind of website, which will lead to very little website traffic. In the opinion of the search engine, if a website has very little traffic, it can be said that the user experience of this website is not very good, and it will not give the website a good ranking.

  If your website optimization performance has not been very good, and the quality of the website is not a problem, you can take a look at these places to see if these external reasons lead to the website ranking has been unable to improve, the website optimization effect is very poor.