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Statistics website data to ensure that the level of email marketing is skyrocketing

Time: 2013-12-05

Statistics website data to ensure that the level of email marketing is skyrocketing

  The embarrassment of e-mail marketing is that the high-quality mail has become a spam, and the user's goodwill on the website has been reduced to zero or even negative. How to do email marketing promotion? How can I make the mail promotion effect even better? What problems should I pay attention to when promoting emails? You should pay attention to statistics when conducting email marketing.

  1. Is your email really in the hands of the user?

  2. Did the user actually click on your email?

  3. How many users did your email bring?

  4. What is the conversion rate brought by email?

  5. How is the user's evaluation of the email?

  6. Has the user improved his or her feelings through email?

  Have you considered all of the above six aspects?

  The statistics of relevant people in Shanghai are that you should start from these six aspects and see your email promotion effect. If you get stuck in the second and second questions, the future promotion will have no effect. If you want to make a question and a second question no longer a problem, you should pay attention to the correctness of the email address and see if the email you posted is actually in the hands of the user. Is the publishing object your own target user? The target user, the user will click to see this email.

  If you find the first two problems in the statistics, but there are problems with the data of the four questions, you have to think about the quality of the mail. Generally, if the four data behind is not good, it may be that the quality of the mail is too bad. The user thinks that the mail is spam when browsing the mail, so that the mail cannot bring the user to the website at all. Or there is no focus in the email, the user does not know what the email is telling, so there is no conversion rate. Also note that if your email is spam, then users will not like the email and the business.

  Do email marketing promotion. When you don't know what your promotion effect is, you can look at the six data mentioned above to see what is wrong with your email and how to solve it.