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These years of hot online marketing

Time: 2013-12-05

These years of hot online marketing

  In the Internet age, people can't do without the Internet. Once upon a time, the Internet was something that young people would use. But now the Internet has begun to spread to middle-aged and old people. The expansion of users has brought new vitality to network enterprises. The company began to conduct online marketing on the Internet and expand its market share. With the increase of enterprises in network marketing, there are more and more online marketing methods. What are the network marketing methods?

  Event Marketing

  Event marketing is mainly an online marketing method that enterprises make in order to start their own brand. It mainly uses some events to promote themselves. For example, many years ago the Wenchuan earthquake, Wang Laoji successfully launched his own brand. If the company can use this marketing method to publicize, it can successfully launch the corporate brand.

  Search Engine Marketing

  Search engine marketing is mainly divided into seo and sem

  Seo:seo is website optimization, mainly relying on optimizing the website, improving the natural ranking of the website, increasing the website exposure, bringing traffic to the website, and improving the website conversion rate.

  Sem:sem is the website bidding ranking, mainly relying on spending money in the search engine to make ads, so that users first see their own website when searching for this information, let the website use this ranking for online marketing.

  Social media marketing

  Social media marketing mainly relies on some social media on the Internet to release information, increase website exposure, enhance the image of corporate websites, and launch corporate brands. Shanghai Insights believes that the hot social media has:

  1. Forum marketing. Forum marketing has a long history, and doing well can bring extraordinary results to online marketing.

  2. Blog marketing. Blog marketing can bring high quality traffic to your website, but it takes a lot of effort to write blog posts.

  3. Weibo marketing. The cost is very low, the user range is large, but the number of information words is limited.

  4. WeChat marketing. Interactivity is good, but finding a user base is cumbersome.

  5. Email marketing. It can increase the user's viscosity, and the interaction is also very strong, but if the enterprise is not correct, it is easy for email marketing to enter the category of spam.

  6, news marketing. This type of marketing is very professional, but it can increase user trust, and be careful not to turn positive news into negative news.

  7, search engine related product marketing. Search engines have a lot of related products. Baidu, Baidu Encyclopedia, etc. are good media for users Baidu. Enterprises can use these media to bring most users to the website.

  Many companies are using social media marketing, but Shanghai Insights believes that it is better for companies to do network marketing.