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How does seoer get rid of the catastrophe of the website being downgraded

Time: 2013-11-22

How does seoer get rid of the catastrophe of the website being downgraded

  The reduction of the website can be said to be a very common thing. Some experienced seoer can boldly say that whose website has not been reduced, and the weight is gone, it is not a serious matter. Although it is not a serious matter for experienced veterans to reduce power, as long as formal optimization can be restored, but for the novice, the website is reduced to a more serious matter, how should the newcomers to restore the website weight?

  Website diagnosis

  If the website is downgraded, it means that there is a problem in the website. Only by identifying the problem can it be solved in a targeted manner, but how should seoer perform website diagnosis? A good method is to check the website log. While viewing the website log, seoer should recall his website optimization work for the past two months, to see if there is any flaw in the optimization work, and if there is some over-optimization.

  Station optimization work

  Shanghai Insights believes that when the site of the seoer site has been changed, you can submit the site, but be careful not to submit it again, otherwise the search engine will dislike you. After submitting the website, pay attention to writing high-quality original articles, which are posted to the website every day, but pay attention to the stable frequency. Also note that at this stage, don't change the website at will, otherwise it will lead to the website being directly K, seoer will regret it.

  Off-site optimization work

  Pay attention to quality when doing job optimization outside the station. Use a high-quality external chain to optimize the website, and let the high-quality external chain assign weight to the website. At this point, you can go to some high-quality forums and blogs to publish the external links, guide the weight of the website, and also bring some traffic to the website. If the website traffic is gradually increased, the search engine may look at the user's face to restore the weight of the website.

  If the website is downgraded, seoer does not need to be nervous. After all, it is not a K station. If you want to recover, you still have a way to find it. When you are doing website optimization, pay more attention to optimization methods and methods to make the website optimization effect more outstanding.