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Abandoning the bondage of the outer chain, letting promote the quality as always

Time: 2013-11-15

Abandoning the bondage of the outer chain, letting promote the quality as always

  Enterprises do seo must be promoted, the website will be promoted out of the website optimization effect will be very good. However, if companies rely solely on external links for promotion when doing website optimization, the promotion effect may not be so good. There are many promotion methods that can be used in website optimization. Not only can the external chain be released, but sometimes the website abandons the external chain, and it can still optimize the website and promote it.

  Outer chain promotion has been reduced

  Shanghai Insights believes that because the quality of promotion done by many websites has been very poor, many users have become immune to the external chain. As soon as they see the external chain, they will automatically skip. Although the company has no role in promoting the external chain, there are still many companies that insist on using the external chain for promotion, which eventually leads to promotion becoming a thankless thing.

  Understand the nature of the outer chain and promote it

  Why can't companies do a good job of promoting external links? The main reason is that they are tied up by the external chain. They think that if they don't post advertisements, don't post spam, and don't publish obvious links when they are doing external chain promotion, they are not considered external links. External chain promotion also has high-quality soft text promotion, but also has a high-level blog chain, and a more effective forum promotion. Why should companies must hold on to some one-sided things and ignore most of the benefits of external chain promotion?

  No external chain can still be promoted

  If enterprises still want to rely on promotion, it is better to put the external chain aside. After all, the promotion of external links has begun to decline. Appropriately abandoning the external chain and finding new ways of promotion can make the enterprise successfully break away from the bondage of the external chain. Indefinite peak loops can get better results. In fact, promotion does not have to just grasp the external chain, and there are many promotion methods that can make enterprises famous.

  Enterprises can give up the external chain when doing website optimization promotion, do a good job in the station, go to the manuscript, write some high-quality soft texts, after all, the user has been immune to the external chain, and many external chains can not get a good promotion effect. Appropriate attention to other optimization and promotion methods will allow enterprises to promote "the village of the village."