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Open the mysterious coat of WeChat marketing

Time: 2013-11-08

Open the mysterious coat of WeChat marketing

  “WeChat wants to collect money?” One sentence stirred up a thousand waves. Before that, many companies that believed that WeChat marketing did not pay attention to began to reflect on their previous mistakes. Why did users respond to WeChat’s money so much? Is it that WeChat has really spread to the masses? In the meantime, users will not be affected by WeChat. After that, many companies have begun to pay attention to WeChat, and they are still eager to conduct WeChat marketing.

  Why is WeChat so hot?

  Many companies don't even know about WeChat. They want to do WeChat. This situation can be said to be no. If you want to find a comparable one, then only Weibo in previous years can be compared. Why is WeChat so hot? Shanghai Insights believes that the Internet is very competitive. Many companies are thinking about how they should be promoted while keeping costs low. At this time, WeChat has appeared. One user has more than 100 million yuan and basically does not exist. The cost marketing platform appears in front of the enterprise. Will the company control itself to become a hungry wolf to eat?

  In fact, WeChat is so hot, there are three main reasons:

  1. Internet competition is too fierce, and all companies are looking for breakthroughs.

  2, the use of more people, basically users of WeChat are online shopping people.

  3. Admiration of other media. Without hype, WeChat will make so many companies jealous? Will it develop so quickly?

  How to do well in WeChat marketing

  1. Different from Weibo, whether it is an individual or a company, the way to register Weibo is the same, but WeChat is not the case. There is a difference between enterprises and individuals. Learn about the process of registering WeChat and register a company. WeChat name, and certification, in order to make their WeChat become Enterprise WeChat.

  2. WeChat is released every day to allow users to pay attention to the enterprise platform for a long time, and there are many ways to publish information on the WeChat platform. Generally speaking, there are text, voice, pictures, videos and graphics combined, which enriches the diversity of information. Sex.

  3. Do a good job in WeChat marketing. We can't think that WeChat is just a promotion channel. We will not promote the WeChat platform. We must tell users that we also have WeChat accounts, so that users can pay attention to themselves.

  4, do a good job of WeChat to solve the user's problems in a timely manner, the user will definitely post information to themselves through WeChat, and there will be some users' questions in this information, the company should arrange personnel to answer the questions.

  If you want to do a good job on WeChat, you must first understand WeChat, then summarize the marketing methods, and then smoothly carry out WeChat marketing.