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Shanghai Insights: How can we make the website no longer jammed?

Time: 2013-11-04

Shanghai Insights: How can we make the website no longer jammed?

  Website inclusion directly determines the website optimization results, but what if the website does not include it. If the website is not included, it is simply impossible to increase the weight and ranking of the website. The lack of inclusion on the website is a problem. If you want to optimize the website, you must find ways to improve the inclusion. At this time, you must find the reason why the website is not included, and then solve it.

  The reason is that the domain name is not trusted: if the domain name used by the website has been punished by the search engine before, then it is very difficult to improve the inclusion.

  Reason 2: Server instability: Shanghai Insight believes that server instability means that the quality of the website is not good for search engines, so it is very difficult for such websites to enhance the inclusion.

  The third reason is that the website framework is not good: the website framework directly affects the indexing work of the spider. Generally speaking, if the framework is not good, it will cause the spider to get lost when crawling the website, and the spider will be less friendly to the website.

  Reason 4: Website labeling problem: Generally speaking, the performance of the website will let the search engine know what the important content of the website is. If the spider understands the error or the construction of the website H tag is wrong, it will easily lead to problems in the quality of the website, which will directly affect the inclusion.

  Reason 5: Website content problem: If the content quality of the website is very low, or the content of the website and the theme of the website are not strong, or the content of the website is all copied content, then this website is definitely not included.

  Reason six, the problem of the external link of the website: the outer chain is a road where the spider crawls to the website. If you don't build the road for the spider at all, the spider wants to come to his website but does not know how to come, then the spider will index to the website. Content? Is the website high?

  If the company finds that the website has not been high when doing seo optimization, then you can first find the reason, then see what causes the website to be not high, and then make appropriate improvements to correct all the functions affecting the inclusion. In order to ensure the inclusion of the website.