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How to conduct email marketing, three aspects of insight to make marketing unfavorable

Time: 2013-10-21

How to conduct email marketing, three aspects of insight to make marketing unfavorable

  E-mail marketing is an upgrade of e-mail promotion. Many companies are currently using e-mail for promotion and promotion, because it can help enterprises complete online marketing more smoothly. Although the current e-mail marketing is very hot, this does not mean that the company can successfully complete the marketing. The experts of Shanghai Insight Software Information Technology Co., Ltd. have shown that if the company does not pay attention to some key points when doing e-mail marketing, it is very easy to lead to network promotion. An error has occurred, which in turn affects marketing effectiveness.

  User key

  Enterprises should pay attention to the e-mail marketing, their own mail can not be sent in the form of advertising, so that users will not only not see, but also aversion to the website. Under normal circumstances, enterprises should pay attention to the user experience when publishing emails. They should think about how to let users see the information, how to make users interested in this information, and then accept the information so that the user's marketing materials can enter the user's eyes. go with.

  Establish long-term cooperation

  The characteristic of email marketing is that it can make users and business homes have long-term relationships. Therefore, enterprises must pay attention to email marketing. When publishing information, because it is not a one-time release, it can classify information and send a lot of information to users at one time. It will make the user feel bored, and secondly the user's browsing efficiency is very low. When publishing to the user, you should post something that the user is interested in, let the user expect the email, and then gradually release the product information that the enterprise wants to sell.

  Adopt user comments

  In the process of e-mail marketing, companies need to pay attention to their inability to be blind and dumb, not to be deaf to the information on the Internet that is not good for themselves, and to explain to users, so that the user experience is very harmful, and the information released afterwards. The effect will also be directly reduced. Enterprises do email marketing to summarize user feedback and opinions, and then explain the bad information, let users see the changes and innovations of the enterprise.

  The aspects that need to be paid attention to when the website conducts email marketing are these. Although there are some old people talking about it, when users have a great influence on network marketing, if the enterprise does not pay attention to the construction of these aspects, it will easily lead to the failure of enterprise network marketing, which will eventually lead to enterprises. There is a problem with the construction.