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Enterprises should pay attention to the maintenance of word of mouth, do not return without success

Time: 2013-10-08

Enterprises should pay attention to the maintenance of word of mouth, do not return without success

  Many companies have some wrong opinions when conducting online publicity. The company's word-of-mouth marketing is to be able to buy the company's products, but the existence of these misconceptions has caused many companies to fail in word-of-mouth marketing. After conducting online marketing and word-of-mouth marketing, they have not achieved a good result, resulting in frequent word-of-mouth marketing. It is a waste of money.

  Can't pay attention to website construction because no one is shopping online

  The website is a propaganda tool in word-of-mouth marketing. If the website of the company is not well built, it is easy for the consumer to see an incomplete website after coming to the website. The website page can't jump very well, the content of the website is very old, which will leave a very bad impression on the user. Although some users will not make purchases after entering the website, these users are generally potential users, and if they see such a lonely website, they will not buy more.

  Can't argue with the user

  Regardless of the marketing method, there will be some users who pick up the bones. These users often post bad comments on the company's website. If you argue with the user, it will affect the company's image and make more consumption. After seeing the word-of-mouth marketing before the company, it was done. Shanghai Insight experts believe that consumers should be reasonably explained and put forward some solutions at this time, which will be very conducive to the construction of the image of the website. Consumers will also appreciate the goodwill of the company after seeing it.

  Controversy with others must be justified

  There are often some disputes on the Internet. These arguments are generally benign and have good entertainment. Consumers will also have some entertainment when watching. However, if some people maliciously carry out personal attacks, what the company has to do at this time is to ignore it. If those people are screaming at the Internet, then every sentence will affect the image of the company, and it will not make consumers feel that this enterprise is a very Narrow enterprise.

  After the online word-of-mouth marketing, not only the company's products must be followed, but also the post-maintenance of word-of-mouth marketing is very important. If the corporate image is damaged, the effect of the company's word-of-mouth marketing will be greatly reduced. After the establishment of the network marketing word of mouth, the awareness of all aspects of the enterprise must be improved, otherwise it will affect the effectiveness of marketing.