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Weibo marketing is long-lasting, content is too single and unpopular

Time: 2013-10-04

Weibo marketing is long-lasting, content is too single and unpopular

  Microblogging marketing is very hot nowadays. Many companies have chosen Weibo marketing to promote their products. This can not only bring good benefits to the company, but also promote the positive image of the company and improve the minds of consumers. The popularity of the company is also very good at maintaining its own user base. After the successful microblog marketing, the company has a large number of fans on Weibo, so how to carry out the later maintenance and maintain the user base and image of the enterprise.

  First of all, you can first post some corporate promotions on Weibo, use some common promotional activities to promote the company, and consumers will feel that Weibo can often pass out some fresh information, which can promote the purchasing power of consumers. It is also able to maintain a good fan base for Weibo. Of course, the mode of activity should not be too singular, otherwise consumers will soon feel tired and not conducive to stimulating consumers to consume.

  The second is to often edit some stories about the product, which can bring consumers a sense of pleasure, but also deepen the consumer's impression of the company, but also can remind some consumers to buy. If you regularly update the stories of topics of interest to consumers, let consumers have a good impression of the company's Weibo, and enhance the consumer's sense of dependence, then it can well maintain the impact of the company and let the company be in the consumer. Became a brand in the heart.

  The third is to use some of the applications that Weibo already has, and often interact with consumers to make consumers feel that the company is on an equal position, which can increase consumers' intimacy and loyalty to the company. Let fans become loyal users of the website, increase the user's sense of dependence, and let consumers think of this enterprise when they buy products.

  For Weibo, it is not enough to let consumers pay attention to enterprise microblogging. The maintenance in the later stage is very important. If the content updated every day after the consumer pays attention to the enterprise is very boring product sales, then the number of fans of this company's Weibo will definitely drop sharply. Therefore, enterprises must do a good job in post-maintenance, and Weibo marketing can be more successful.