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Enterprises should promote their weaknesses when marketing Weibo

Time: 2013-09-30

Enterprises should promote their weaknesses when marketing Weibo

  At present, many enterprises use Weibo marketing when they promote e-commerce websites. They hope to use Weibo marketing to achieve the effect of corporate promotion. However, Weibo marketing is not a panacea. There are advantages and disadvantages, and Weibo marketing is used. The advantages and avoiding the shortcomings of Weibo marketing, can more comprehensive understanding of Weibo marketing, when the microblogging marketing can be able to promote weaknesses to bring more benefits to the enterprise.

  First of all, the advantage of microblogging marketing is that the information publishing method is simple and the content of a microblog is very small. The statement is short and refined. The enterprise only needs to express the meaning of the expression and can directly publish it. If the blog is used, it takes a long time. After the idea, it will be written and polished to complete a good blog. Only when it is released can it attract more users, and Weibo does not need a long story. The second advantage of Weibo is that enterprises and users can interact in time. It is very wrong for many companies not to pay attention to interaction. Interaction is the advantage of Weibo, timely understanding of user needs, handling user complaints, Can make Weibo marketing better. After that, the cost is low, and it is not necessary to spend too much manpower and material resources to carry out a successful microblog marketing, and the saving of manpower and material resources is not comparable to blog marketing and forum marketing.

  However, microblogging marketing also has shortcomings. First, microblogging marketing needs to have enough fans to carry out. If a company's Weibo has a particularly small number of fans, then the microblogging marketing effect of this company will definitely be greatly reduced. After that, Weibo marketing work is also difficult. The second point is that the content in Weibo is very large, and the update speed is also very fast. If the consumer does not see the Weibo published by the company in time, then this article Weibo may soon disappear from the bottom of the sea. The third point is that the content of Weibo marketing is spread in the platform of Weibo, and it will not spread a good information to every corner of the Internet as it spreads on the Internet.

  How to make better use of Weibo for marketing is a problem that enterprises must think before they conduct microblog marketing. The plan to develop Weibo marketing from both advantages and disadvantages can allow enterprises to avoid many detours in the subsequent microblog marketing. In terms of microblogging marketing, it can be a good promotion for enterprises. It depends on how the company conducts microblog marketing.