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The influence of word-of-mouth marketing makes companies and consumers not lose money

Time: 2013-09-30

The influence of word-of-mouth marketing makes companies and consumers not lose money

  Nowadays, many consumers have a weak sense of responsibility for marketing companies on the Internet. In order to dispel these distrust of users, many companies have begun to carry out word-of-mouth marketing, and what kind of benefits word-of-mouth marketing can bring to enterprises.

  First of all, from the perspective of enterprises, word-of-mouth marketing is conducive to enterprises to create their own brands, because many companies hope to let their own brands spread through the word-of-mouth marketing, let more people know the brand of the company to enhance the company's visibility, let More people believe in the business, and then let the corporate brand slowly turn into a brand name. If a company's good word-of-mouth marketing can drive sales to a large extent, good word-of-mouth can make people choose a better word-of-mouth enterprise when purchasing goods.

  Of course, everyone knows that word of mouth is a good communication channel. Many people know how to use a company's products through other people's narratives. What is the service attitude of this company? What is the product information of this company? In Shanghai Insight, when people communicate information, the evaluation of an enterprise product has become a reputation of the enterprise. Most people will remind others of the good and bad of this product when they participate in communication, and help others make a better decision. This can also be self-affirming. When you see others using your recommended products, you feel right about yourself. sure.

  People create word of mouth in order to better share their experiences of purchasing goods with others. When people are making purchases, the quality of the products and the quality of the service will make people want to share with others. It is also the use of this point, I hope to carry out word of mouth marketing and then help the promotion of their own business.

  Although the motivation for creating word-of-mouth is different, word-of-mouth marketing can bring benefits to both enterprises and consumers. Consumers can choose products that are more suitable for their own products through word-of-mouth. Enterprises can also promote their own enterprises through word-of-mouth marketing. Enhance the visibility of the company and promote the production and marketing of the company, so that the company can get more benefits.