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How to conduct microblog marketing with the conversion rate as the target company

Time: 2013-09-30

How to conduct microblog marketing with the conversion rate as the target company

  Nowadays, the development of Weibo marketing is in full swing. Many companies have registered Weibo accounts for Weibo marketing. They want to use Weibo marketing to get more users. Many companies are doing Weibo marketing, but the results are There are a few happy couples. The results of Weibo marketing in many companies are not satisfactory. Some companies have traffic on their websites, but the conversion rate is very poor.

  First of all, Weibo marketing is a marketing method of “spreading the net and fishing more fish”, but this “net” of Sai must be able to accurately locate the “fish group”, and there is no “fish” under the “net”. It is better not to cast a net. Now many companies' Weibos have no fans when they are online. Of course, there are many ways to make corporate fans seem to have a lot of methods, but this method is not recommended, because if the fans of enterprise Weibo are not facing User groups, then the company sends more information on Weibo just to do nothing. To find a precise user group, you can look for it from the competitor's Weibo, and the competitor's fans must be the target group that you need to target.

  The second point is that the content of Weibo must be good. Regardless of the type of marketing, the content is important. If the content of the online marketing activities has its own knowledge, even if it can pull more users, it will not help. The content of Weibo must meet the needs of users. By analyzing the target users to locate and arrange the content, the conversion rate can also be improved.

  After the release time must be accurate, by analyzing the behavior of the target group, you can know when the target group is often watching Weibo, and publishing Weibo during this time period will enable more people to see if A time period when no one is watching Weibo publishes information. It is believed that it is definitely not good for Weibo marketing, and there is no benefit to the results of Weibo marketing.

  In summary, if Weibo Marketing wants to improve the conversion rate very well, it must deliver the information that the user needs at a specific time, so that the microblog marketing step can be done first, and then it needs to be frequent. Maintaining Weibo, updating news, and interacting with users is believed to be very effective in improving the conversion rate of Weibo.