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Enterprises should fully understand Weibo marketing and avoid detours

Time: 2013-09-30

Enterprises should fully understand Weibo marketing and avoid detours

  Until today, the momentum of Weibo is still very hot. Although Weibo marketing is not a new word, there are still many companies that have begun to build Weibo marketing. There are many imperfect understandings of enterprises in Weibo marketing, which led some enterprises to enter the misunderstanding of Weibo marketing and affect the effect of Weibo marketing.

  First of all, many users will see some corporate accounts in the microblogging relative to the evil language, these are the performance of the enterprise microblogging is not standardized, although Weibo is a place where you can freely express your speech, but in the world of Weibo In the middle, a company's Weibo account represents the image of a company. If some information published in this Weibo account contains some bad comments, the public will have a bad impression on this Weibo.

  The second point is that the concept of many companies has not jumped out of the traditional marketing model, and many companies do not interact when they conduct microblog marketing. Weibo is a platform for enterprise and consumer interaction. If you simply want to publish a message, then the corporate website is a better place. Enterprises should get rid of the traditional marketing model when doing microblog marketing. Interacting with consumers, keeping information flowing, and understanding each other with consumers, can kill many bad comments in the cradle.

  The third point is that many companies do not have a dedicated team to conduct microblog marketing, so they hand over the work of Weibo marketing to some specialized teams, but if these teams are not familiar with the company's business, it will lead to the company. Disjointed from the business of the Weibo marketing team. Therefore, when the company is handing over Weibo marketing to a dedicated Weibo marketing team, it should also have a certain understanding of Weibo marketing, and let the team know the basic situation of the company when handing Weibo marketing to a dedicated marketing team. Business, in this way, can make Weibo marketing and corporate business closely together, so that the business will not be out of touch, so as to achieve better marketing results.

  The fourth point is that Weibo marketing channels should be coordinated with other channels. Many companies pay special attention to Weibo marketing and give up other channels when doing microblog marketing. This is a bad phenomenon, allowing multiple channels to integrate with each other. Cooperate with newspapers or TV channels to play an advantage in order to bring better benefits to the company.

  The latter point is to conduct micro-blog monitoring in a timely manner. In micro-blog marketing, we must grasp the micro-blog marketing situation in time, analyze the survey results and adjust the marketing plan. Many companies do not investigate the effect of micro-blog marketing, thus losing a lot. Information, such as customer product requirements, product information that potential customers need to consult. It is also necessary to investigate the effect of Weibo marketing, so as to formulate the next step and the company's Weibo marketing plan, change the company's Weibo marketing effect, and bring better benefits to the company.

  Enterprises should pay more attention to Weibo marketing. Weibo is a big platform. Unreasonable Weibo marketing is likely to have a negative impact on the company and regulate its behavior in Weibo marketing, so as not to make these improper. Behavior has a bad impact on the company, affecting the effectiveness of Weibo marketing, but also affecting the interests of the company.