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Enterprises should ‘first put a positive attitude and then conduct microblog marketing’

Time: 2013-09-30

Enterprises should ‘first put a positive attitude and then conduct microblog marketing’

  Weibo's development in China is very rapid. According to the data provided by some large-scale microblogging platforms in China, it can be seen that a large number of Chinese netizens now have Weibo. In the case of Weibo's rapid development, Weibo The marketing industry has attracted the attention of many companies. Many companies have already seen that Weibo marketing is a battlefield for merchant marketing in the future. However, due to the rapid development of Weibo, many companies have launched without fully understanding Weibo marketing. Weibo marketing has caused the results of Weibo marketing to be unsatisfactory because of some problems.

  Except for many companies that have started to use Weibo marketing, some companies believe that microblogging marketing is not suitable for traditional marketing, which can prevent microblogging marketing from negatively affecting enterprises, but this idea is unrealistic, although the company does not Proactively carry out Weibo marketing, but consumers are likely to talk about the company on Weibo, which makes the company completely unable to understand the impression of users on Weibo, which leads to the company not yet marketing Weibo, consumers on Weibo. It has already made an impression on the enterprise, so it is better for the enterprise to take the initiative to attack and understand the information about the enterprise on Weibo, so as to adjust the operational plan.

  Many companies now have seen the benefits of Weibo marketing. It is the importance of interaction, sharing and dissemination in microblogging marketing for corporate marketing. However, many companies’ microblogging marketing teams have not yet been fully constructed, which has led to enterprises. The construction of Weibo is not complete enough. Many Weibo marketing teams have insufficient experience on Weibo and do not have sufficient understanding of the advantages of Weibo. This has led to the Weibo marketing team not having strong execution ability when doing work. The results are not ideal.

  Many companies believe that microblogging marketing should first put hot information, which is conducive to accumulate audiences, but this will lead to microblogging content is not simple and concise, many microblogs are not updated frequently, content and business have no relationship, the company is doing When Weibo marketing is not able to pursue the hot spot of the published news, the content should be reasonably planned, and the content of the information must be related to the enterprise. Then the content will attract potential users of the enterprise. With a clear positioning, the company can carry out strategic adjustments at various stages around these positionings, making the content of Weibo neat and orderly, and making users look more comfortable.

  The latter point is to put a correct attitude, many companies hope to use Weibo marketing to get a lot of users overnight, this is impossible. Weibo marketing only provides a new marketing channel for corporate marketing, and the effect is certain. Many companies often want to take the crystallization in Weibo marketing, and use the water army to cheat and other methods to get the effect of the current audience surge, but if this situation is exposed one day, the impact on the company is very large, so the company is doing Microblogging marketing should be positive, although it can not be seen quickly, but it is still very beneficial in the long run.

  If there is no correct attitude in Weibo marketing, then the effect of meager marketing is certainly not satisfactory. Enterprises in the micro-blog marketing, as long as they put a positive attitude, first understand micro-blog marketing and then micro-blog marketing, which is beneficial to the long-term development of enterprise micro-blog marketing.