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Insight experts interpret new channels for real estate industry promotion

Time: 2013-09-30

Insight experts interpret new channels for real estate industry promotion

  Now many real estate merchants have begun to use Weibo marketing to promote their business. Although some real estate developers in first-tier cities are currently doing microblog marketing, some second- and third-tier cities are starting to have real estate developers ready to do microblogging. Marketing. The short 140-word promotion in Weibo marketing will bring great benefits to the company if it is properly promoted.

  Weibo marketing mainly uses the users of Weibo to disseminate information to achieve the publicity effect, and if the information disseminated between users, more people can be convinced and recognized. The emergence of Weibo marketing in the real estate industry can be said to bring double benefits to real estate and people who buy houses. In the past, the real estate industry was relatively high-end in the public opinion. Some real estate information came from newspapers. When consumers were buying houses, they lacked professional reference. The emergence of Bo can allow consumers and real estate companies to directly engage in dialogue, eliminating a lot of troublesome links.

  Nowadays, due to the progress of society, the people who need to buy a house are generally younger, and a large part of this group of people are users of Weibo. These consumers can use Weibo to communicate directly with real estate agents. The two sides are no longer simple. The relationship between the two parties can establish a friendly relationship through the Weibo platform, which is very beneficial to the enterprise. After consumers have a good impression on the company, they can help the company to promote.

  Through Weibo marketing, real estate companies can also more easily understand the consumer's feelings about the house, and timely know some timely news of the real estate industry, which can also bring more benefits to the enterprise.

  At present, China's Weibo marketing is very prosperous, but whether it can achieve the publicity effect depends on how the company implements it. Weibo marketing is an opportunity. If the real estate enterprise can do well, it will definitely bring more benefits to the enterprise. If it is not good, it will waste a marketing channel.