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Insightful quality service allows consumers to be willing to help companies build their image

Time: 2013-09-30

Insightful quality service allows consumers to be willing to help companies build their image

  Nowadays, various marketing models are emerging one after another. Many companies have started to plan various marketing in order to get more benefits. Therefore, there have been various social media marketings combining various media and marketing models, but no matter what marketing, word of mouth It is a work that companies value.

  Respect the customer's choice

  The value of many companies is that "customer is God" to meet the needs of users for the production direction of the enterprise, but this concept is prone to deviations in implementation. For example, in order to sell more things as soon as possible, the shopping guide will continue to explain some users, or influence the choices of some users who are still thinking, in the hope of changing the user's choices, so that enterprises can buy more things, so that Very bad for the user's experience. When users buy things, it is easy to remember the bad parts of the purchase experience, which will affect the reputation of the company. If each user can smile and respect the user's choice, the user has a very good experience when making the purchase, then these users will take the initiative to promote, which can also reduce the company's promotion costs.

  Treat each customer as a god

  Many local shopping guides don't care about users who don't buy goods, because companies think that only consumers who buy things are the target consumers, and the rest do not have to pay attention. But people who don’t actually buy things will not become target consumers, but they may become communicators. These people may not like to buy, but they like comments. If these people have a bad impression on the company, it may be Spread these feelings out. Moreover, because of the frequent dissemination of information by these people, many consumers will believe what they say. They say that many people will buy them. If they say bad things, many people will follow them and buy them. So don't look at only those who can buy things to do a good service, to spread the product information for each user, if the user experience is good, it is conducive to the spread of the product.

  If the enterprise pays more attention to the attitude of the service personnel in the physical store during the word-of-mouth marketing and uses the masses to spread, then it is not necessary to carry out event planning to strengthen the reputation. Good service quality is a very good reputation, so that the company can save A lot of money will not make the reputation of the company's hard work because of the poor service quality of the service personnel.