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Don't be confused! New media marketing and social communication are not the same thing!

Time: 2018-02-05

Don't be confused! New media marketing and social communication are not the same thing!

  Since entering the Internet industry, I have often heard people around me mention new media marketing and social communication. It seems to be a little bit confusing. I want to remind the friends that this is two concepts, but it is not the same.

  What is new media?

  New media is actually a very broad concept. Compared with traditional newspapers, TV media and billboards, Tencent and Sina are called new media. But in many companies, there will be a new media operation or marketing department. They used to be news, forums, post bars, and soft advertisements. These are the more traditional media platforms on the Internet. Now they are referring to new media, such as Weibo, WeChat, and Zhiwei.

  What is social communication?

  Social communication is actually a long-standing thing. People tell each other a paragraph and tell a joke, which is a manifestation of social communication. Only today's online media environment, due to the emergence of social media and new media, the effect of social communication has doubled, and the cost has also decreased, so everyone began to use social communication. Therefore, the two concepts of new media marketing and social communication are completely different, but the media happens to be consistent.


  We still need to think a few things:

  1. Who is using new media?

  The low point of Sina Weibo was in the beginning of 2014, and the whole day was more than 9 million. However, in 2016, the data released once, the daily life has exceeded 100 million, especially after 90, accounting for more than 90%, it can be said that it is completely young. The world is over.

  What are the characteristics of young people? There are three: there are enough possibilities, no self-knowledge, and small circle. It's a good understanding. Because of the youth, there are of course many possibilities. Young people always think that giving him a chance can achieve what he wants, so at the same time, he has no self-knowledge. "Small circle" is actually more and more differentiated and subdivided. Here, I would like to ask you a small question: How many people have heard of "present"? "The present is full" means that people in real life are very fulfilling, which is equivalent to the antonym of the second otaku. Some people will definitely feel that this does not understand. Why? They want to raise the threshold of your contact, making it harder and harder to integrate into their circle. So, "now young people, we don't understand."

  2. Why do users use new media?

  First of all, I personally agree with a very famous summary: superiority is as important to human beings as eating, breathing, and sleeping. Without superiority, it is impossible to survive. This is the constant pursuit of the nature of human genes, because superiority will survive. How to embody or even enhance the sense of superiority? Please open your WeChat circle of friends, share all kinds of sun, but have you ever wondered why these people will be in the circle of friends?

  Sun IQ, superior income, superior hobbies, superior life and some connections are essentially the result of IQ superiority;

  The second sun is superior to the body, sunburn, self-timer, or sun-related things, such as running results;

  The third sun is superior to children. The children are smart and cute, have excellent grades, are obedient, and have reported a lot of expensive special classes.

  Why do you sun, because these things are difficult to achieve; why is the sun superior? Because the genes are superior, the genes determine everything; maybe you will ask, what can people do when they can't find more superiority in themselves? The answer is: some people look down Others, judge others to fail to gain a sense of superiority. For example, most people have more or less the day when Ma Yun is in trouble. This is something rooted in human nature.

  In another case, the superiority is projected to another group of people. For example, the star, many fans project their superiority to them, and prove their aesthetic superiority through their superiority. They have worked hard to represent me. In short, it will be a very important point to pursue self-superiority in various ways.

  So whether it's content or product, I think it's important to meet people's need for superiority. The above is my thinking about human nature. Let's talk about spreading.

  3. When the communication, what new media can meet the needs of users?

  Whether it's doing products or spreading, the ultimate question is: What do they get when fans express their liking for you, or what do we need to meet them?

  When people express their liking for a thing, it usually doesn't mean that he likes the thing itself, but likes the label it carries to himself. This is the key to his distinction between people around him, which is important. So, what we have to think about is – when fans express their liking for you, can you bring your fans a chance to distinguish people around them and establish their superiority.

  4. How to express our intentions, soft or hard?

  Many people in this new media operation will be very entangled, directly leaking fear of hard, hard forwarding, not all kinds of soft, even hide their own brand. Whether it is soft or hard, first of all, it depends on who is the subject of your account? The official micro-organization of the enterprise organization is not afraid of hard, and it is impossible to speak on its own position; there are many ways to play the self-media operated by individuals or independent teams. It can be unreasonable when the local boss BOSS pushes the activity hard. You can also play the pig to eat the tiger and pretend to be a fan to your heart. Or, if you can understand it easily, don't be afraid. Why? If your things need to be understood, you need a lot of context to help everyone understand; if the content is 0.5 seconds to understand, such as double eleven, this does not need to "understand" Don't be afraid of hard things, things on the new media are hard to be bad. It is never the content but the product that can retain the core user.

  5. How does the new media operate?

  Those who really like you, run them on WeChat, find those influential users, they are divided into three categories: they are influential, such as a very influential person in real life, or big V; The second is creativity, will draw comics, will write novels, will write paragraphs. The third is very active and has a lot of time. The three are in line with the influential users, find them out, form a fan base, give some benefits, and let them go out and make suggestions. Taboos are large and comprehensive, and operations that can break through a little bit will also receive good results.