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Who says SEO is just keyword ranking optimization?

Time: 2019-08-02

Who says SEO is just keyword ranking optimization?

  "SEO is the keyword ranking!" NO! This wrong concept has affected many people, and has caused many companies to ignore the true value of SEO in many online marketing channels. To some extent, it ignores the true role of SEO. And make online marketing work half the battle. In fact, keyword ranking optimization is just one of the performances of SEO. Correctly understanding the value of SEO can truly bring the marketing value to the big. The following Shanghai Zhendao came to discuss the real SEO optimization.

  Before you understand the role of SEO in online marketing, first understand a typical search marketing funnel model:

  From the website display, a small number of users click on the search results, some users browse the information on the website and generate consulting behavior, and finally generate orders, the whole funnel model helps the enterprise to screen out the customers with excellent value.

  If the company wants to get more orders, we can easily get the following conclusions from the above funnel model:

  1. Increase the amount of presentation, let more users know, so that the upper-level traffic portal is enlarged, then the amount of each link filtered will increase accordingly;

  2. Improve the conversion rate of each filter link, so that the loss of each link is reduced to a low level, to greatly increase the flow of the lower layer, thus bringing more orders;

  3. There are 3 sources of traffic, search traffic, referral traffic and SEO are actually the closing of the flow funnel, and the entrance of the flow funnel, which can claim to form a closed loop. However, there are also problems of insufficient exposure and slow cycle of effect. Therefore, other marketing methods that can quickly increase exposure and click can be combined to make a big difference in SEO.

  So how can the exposure and conversion rates mentioned above be quickly improved? We can think through the above funnel models and conclusions:

  First, how to increase the amount of exposure (exposure)?

  SEO is an optimization promotion made on the search engine. We analyze it with the big Chinese search engine "Baidu":

  (1) The amount of exposure that SEO brings on Baidu is based on Baidu, so it is also limited to Baidu. In 2014, domestic users chose Baidu at a rate of 60% when they chose a search engine. In 2015, this number will not change much. Then there are another 40% of users who have not chosen Baidu, and users who use Baidu are not likely to use Baidu as the only network to find products and find services, so from the perspective of the amount of presentation, there are a lot of Internet users have not been placed at the entrance of this traffic funnel, that is, Baidu can't meet the demand of the company for the "exposure" of the product on the Internet.

  So how should enterprise products achieve a large exposure on the Internet? We think from the user's point of view: users looking for products, looking for services, in addition to using Baidu will also browse many other sites, such as Alibaba, 58 city and other B2B and classification Information website, as well as related industry information stations, forums, etc. So if you show your products on these platforms, can you achieve more exposure? The answer is yes! Since it is restricted and Baidu, the ads are posted on websites other than Baidu. The two complement each other and expand. The exposure side of the product information.

  In the Baidu and other search engines to promote SEM, SEO, encyclopedia, search and drop-down, these promotion methods are optional, Baidu network, Google promotion, DSP-like precision marketing, business platform can be selected on many websites other than search engines. Promotion methods such as VIP members, depending on different industries, choose different marketing methods.

  However, only quantity is definitely not enough. To recommend products to potential users, we must also consider the quality. The “quality” here refers to the relevance, that is, only recommend related products or services to potential customers with needs. Instead of recommending the same product to everyone. To achieve a quantitative and qualitative promotion, for the search side, as far as possible to achieve 3 coverage: search engine coverage, keyword coverage, ranking coverage.

  For platform resources, to achieve precise targeting, use big data to accurately target people, and recommend relevant products or services to potential users. At present, most DSP marketing is a precise mode.

  Second, how to increase the number of clicks?

  Here, let's put aside the factors such as brand awareness and analyze how to increase the number of clicks from the perspective of optimization. The clickthrough rate depends on how the ad is displayed:

  1. Search side:

  (1) SEM-brand area

  Search for the keyword "Pu Zi Hua Enterprise":

  The display form of the brand area enables the rich information of the official website of the company to be displayed in front of the netizens in a selected and more direct way. Many netizens can also more easily understand the information of the brand's official website and more easily obtain the required corporate information. This is also in line with Baidu's mission and ideal: to allow people to easily access information and find what they are looking for!

  (2) SEO-natural search

  Search for the keyword "Shangxun":

  Official website logo: Blue wake-up target makes the corporate website produce an authoritative image among netizens. Of course, this logo will appear when searching for the full name or short name of the company. Searching for other keywords may not appear, as shown below:

  The display of the left image in the above picture is implemented by SEO, which is an important factor in triggering clicks: Most users do not like to read text, and pictures are more likely to cause clicks. Left picture

  In addition to the above two ways to increase clicks, the title, the content organization of the description and the optimization of the letter combination of the domain name can improve the click rate.

  Of course, the important thing is ranking, the website ranking is not displayed in front, and the form is no longer useful.

  (3) Pulldown and related search

  SEO-pull down:

  It doesn't matter if we make a pinyin when we search for keywords. Baidu will be very smart to show the search results you might want. In this series of pull-down results, there are basically the results you want to find. In fact, what I want to find in the above picture is "Shangxun". If the keyword is in place, the user can easily click the mouse with a little mouse movement, and the effect will be better.

  SEO-related search is similar to the drop-down, but the display method is different. After searching for keywords, the relevant search appears at the bottom left of the page, which can also increase the probability of being clicked:

  (3) Network Alliance, DSP class:

  Which of the following two ads are you willing to click?

  Third, how to increase the number of visits?

  There are roughly two types of portals for visiting websites: click-through and direct access.

  (1) Click access: refers to the behavior of users clicking on pictures or text links to access the website. The main factor affecting the website access rate is the speed of opening the website page. Therefore, optimizing the website page to ensure the fast opening of the website page is an important way to improve the access rate. .

  (2) Direct access: refers to the behavior of users entering the website directly in the browser or opening the website through the favorites. The access rate is not large unless the company has sufficient brand awareness and the website is simple and easy to remember, or the user. Very dependent on the use of favorites.

  Fourth, how to increase the amount of consultation?

  1. Improve user experience

  The opening speed of the website is the initial experience for the user. Whether the design of the website is beautiful, the content is clear, the navigation information is appropriate and reasonable, and the contact information is obvious is also an aspect that needs to be optimized. User experience is one of the factors that affect user consultation.

  2. Optimize website content

  1) Every consultation is transformed from content. The focus must be on the content and the quality of the content. It is better to break the finger and break the finger, and solve the dysentery left over from the website.

  2) The content is king. Really understand the meaning of content as king. Every article we want to create must have “three genders”:

  Marketing: a rendering of articles that can cause consumption impulses;

  Introductory: use content to guide visitors to consult;

  Optimized: Ability to get good rankings on search engines.

  Goodwill popup

  In order to increase the amount of consultation, some websites will pop up the online customer service communication window when they open the website. Some websites even pop up two or three at the same time, even more so that they are “forced dialogue” or pop up a dialogue when closing the page. Box: "Do you want to set this site as the homepage?" This directly affects the mood of the page viewer. It seems that coming to this site is consulting, not looking at the content, although this situation may improve the consultation in the short term. Quantity, but it is extremely unfavorable for the conversion rate and the future development of the website.

  For potential customers to enter the website, it is necessary to play a dialog window, but a pop-up window is enough! The time when the window pops up is popped up after the viewer opens the webpage for 15~30 seconds, which enhances the user experience and allows browsing. The time of reading and thinking has certain advantages for improving the conversion rate of consultation.

  2. Online customer service

  Take Baidu Shangqiao as an example, it is possible to increase the amount of consultation:

  1) Place the Baidu Shangqiao online customer service icon in all possible places, and the probability of being clicked will be greater.

  2) Put the Baidu Shangqiao online customer service icon on the obvious position on the page to improve the click rate.

  a. Place a large Baidu Shangqiao online customer service icon to make it easier for visitors to see and increase the probability of being clicked;

  b. Select a Baidu Shangqiao online customer service icon with a certain color difference with the background color of the website to make it easier for visitors to see and click.

  3) Select or design a very personalized Baidu Shangqiao online customer service icon, you can place online customer service icons suitable for different groups according to the content and style of your website, thus increasing the probability of being clicked.

  4) Turn on the initiative-initiated automatic invitation function, and enable the initiative-initiated automatic invitation function to enable visitors who do not see the Baidu Shangqiao online customer service icon to have more opportunities to be invited, thereby increasing the number of clicks.

  5) Set the appropriate automatic invitation pop-up time, turn on the automatic invitation function, and set the time for automatic invitation, which can greatly improve the visitor's click rate. The exact time setting can be estimated based on the content of the website.

  In addition to optimizing the consulting system, chat consulting tools should be kept online at any time!

  If the customer service is not online, fill out a free consultation 400 phone, or secure 400 phone, in the obvious place of the website, and have a free web calling function, free of charge to customers.

  5. How to increase the order volume?

  The factors that determine the order quantity are more complicated, and have a lot to do with the customer's product quality, brand reputation, service level, etc. However, there are still many details to be aware of in the promotion and optimization. Take the P2P industry as an example:

  1. Simplify the website registration process, and then directly embed the registration section on the right side of the website Banner to avoid opening the new registration page. You only need to fill in the short mobile phone number and password to register, and other information will be improved in the account center.

  2. Keep the consulting tool online so that users can consult online.

  3. The concept of the target is clear and the table is clear and easy to understand.

  4. Recharge, simplify the investment process, and complete the transaction with no more than 3 clicks;

  5. Other influencing factors include the target interest rate, investment cycle, platform credibility, withdrawal time, point activities, vouchers and interest rate hike policies. Of course, most of these factors are continuously optimized for the P2P enterprise operation level. What we can do is to promote the various advantages and activities of the website as much as possible, so that more potential users can know the platform and enhance the exposure of the company brand.

  The above “presentation-click-access-consultation-order” is just a basic model. The actual integrated network marketing process uses more marketing methods than the above mentioned, specific to different industries and different There will be many differences in the product promotion strategy, but the overall idea is the same. From the perspective of user experience, whether it is the orientation of potential users, the way of displaying advertisements and the experience after arriving, it is a process of continuous optimization, and also a process of weighing, price and quality, through data analysis. And optimization, constantly improve the effectiveness of advertising!