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Don't understand this, don't say you are a qualified SEOer

Time: 2017-04-02

Don't understand this, don't say you are a qualified SEOer

  In today's fast-moving society, any enterprise and brand must pay attention to the role of the Internet. Therefore, SEO optimization has become an important way for each enterprise to grow and develop in the network and establish a good image. As each company joins the SEO-optimized team, Shanghai Insight believes that the real value of SEO optimization lies in brand optimization.

  SEO is becoming more and more mature, but the search engine algorithm is constantly adjusted. Different SEO optimization teams have their own analysis and optimization methods. So, as a professional SEOer, what kind of concept should we have?

  Strong road end OR development space

  Nowadays, various companies have a wide range of channels for promotion and marketing. Especially the current social media platform is very hot, but as long as the company has an official website, it must be promoted. The phenomenon of product homogenization has intensified, and the cost of advertising has increased year by year. It is necessary for enterprises to pay more attention to the target audience.

  In order to increase the attention of the company, it is necessary to improve the exposure of the website, so the website optimization work is indispensable. For companies that can't afford high advertising costs, choose a reliable SEO company to carry out SEO optimization of the website, which can not only improve the user experience, divert the website, but also improve the promotion efficiency with a lower budget. Why not? In addition, companies can also reasonably combine SEM promotion methods to help companies obtain better rankings and presentations in search engines.

  Single-handed OR effective cooperation

  SEO optimization work is not only for search engines, but more importantly, it can enhance the user's access experience, which will help the company's popularity and reputation. If you want to improve the profitability of your company, you must learn to use the resources in your hands. The same is true for SEO optimization. The overall framework, page design, content layout, and security of the website are all related to the optimization results. Therefore, the various departments within the company are optimized. To cooperate with each other, these tasks are interlocking. Only by ensuring that every aspect of the work can be done to deliver a satisfactory answer.

  Guaranteed position OR increase conversion

  Most companies use the ranking of websites to judge the optimization effect, but can the ranking result represent the optimization results of the website? In the increasingly competitive network environment, in order to ensure the inclusion and ranking of the website, is there any Less companies will use the black hat SEO approach to achieve their goals. This may significantly increase the ranking of the website in the short term, but after a period of time, not only the ranking of the website cannot be guaranteed, but the friendliness of the search engine may also be affected.

  The ultimate goal of enterprise website optimization is to improve the conversion of the website. Therefore, if the ranking is improved by the illegal methods such as spam and keyword stacking, will the conversion rate of the website change? Therefore, it is better to put the optimization focus. On the content of the website, do the daily operation of the website.

  As a trustworthy optimization company, Shanghai Jindao is more willing to devote time and energy to the research and practice of SEO optimization methods, deeply explore the key words related to corporate brands, optimize the relevant content in the corporate website to optimize and pass These keywords will bring the site to more target audiences. The value of anything needs to accumulate for a long time, and SEO optimization needs to be continuously laid out in order to better play the brand value.

  Shanghai Insight SEO Advantage: SEO Octopus, do not touch any "black hat" to capture the SEO advantage.

  1. Technology

  More than 10 years of SEO practice experience, the core SEO technology research laboratory composed of professors, engineers and experts continues to innovate.

  2. Tools

  The independent research and development "Jindao SEO system" covers: automatic detection system in the station, external chain detection system, natural ranking competition index analysis system, SEO keyword mining system, SEO external chain management system. Cooperating with the trial "Jindao 舆情3.0 System", it can effectively monitor the network sound volume and adjust the SEO strategy in time, which is a tool to help implement SEO optimization.

  3. Team

  Well-known domestic SEO experts and SEO project managers, leading nearly 200 SEO professional service members, so far to achieve 100,000 + Chinese, Japanese, English, Spanish and other 15 language keywords online.

  4. Management

  Since 2009, it has implemented nearly 40,000 SEO project management with independent R&D ERP to realize data management and performance evaluation of projects, personnel and resources.

  5. Resources

  It has nearly 5,000 online media resource platforms, and established a domestic SEO resource library in 2009 (including 10,000+ industry resource stations in 260 mainstream industries, and 180000+ platform quality resources and accounts).