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Four Seasons Muge Solar Group Co., Ltd.

Four Seasons Muge Solar Group Co., Ltd.

  Company background:

  The Four Seasons Muge Group was established in 2000 and listed on the main board of Shanghai A-shares on May 21, 2012 (stock code: 603366). It is a global advanced energy thermal utilization advanced enterprise and a partner in China's aerospace industry.

  In 2013, the company based on the “upgrade and transformation” strategy, focusing on consumer demand and based on the light and heat business, to achieve brand extension. The business scope of the company involves: research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of solar energy, air energy, kitchen appliances, water purifiers, hardware sanitary ware and other products. With new technologies and new models, the company provides customers with a one-stop service for integrated energy systems, which fully meets the demand for wind (heating, cold air) water (hot water, clean water) for civil, commercial and industrial applications.

  Background of the project:

  Four seasons

  The first phase of the website project construction - Four Seasons Mu Ge water purifier official website (responsive) and water purifier - I am a singer special page (responsive);

  Follow-up two seasons of Mu Ge - kitchen electric official website. (responsive)

  Project Challenge:

  1. Four Seasons Mu Ge, as a global leader in the use of new energy and heat, how can it be more recognized and used by the whole people, and how can it spread more quickly on the Internet?

  2. How can users quickly find the products they need and understand the product-related content?

  3. How to show the impact of the user's visual sensory effect through our website.

  Service results:

  Four Seasons Muge - Water Purification Organs and Special Pages (cooperating with me as a singer)

  As a corporate brand customer; a new technology-responsive layout is used in production. To achieve product and interface style interaction; from computer to tablet to mobile phone and other three terminal platforms; from the perspective of user experience, according to customer requirements to achieve functionality and visual user experience as one of the station style. details as follows:

  First of all, from the design to the new design concept - flat design; highlight user products; achieve user interaction experience; thus conform to the responsive layout;

  Secondly, use the new technical responsive website construction layout method on the page interaction; Bootstrop framework; from the visual and user experience; to achieve the interface from static to dynamic; Experience different interface styles from different terminal devices of desktop-notebook-Ipad-phone; for cross-platform one-stop network service for better product promotion and promotion.

  In order to highlight the Four Seasons Muge products on the Four Seasons Muge special page; Synchronize me as a singer's wonderful moment; constantly update the song popularity list and support me to praise the singer; also can realize the function by interacting with Weibo Demand.