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Shanghai Han Shu Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Han Shu Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

  Customer introduction:

  Shanghai Hanshou Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai in 2002 and created the Korean brand in the same year. With stable and excellent production, innovative and high-quality products, and pursuing the entrepreneurial spirit of diversity, optimism, innovation and adventure, Han Shu has become a representative enterprise of omni-channel marketing in China.

  Case background:

  Since 2002, the Chinese cosmetics market has changed several times. Under the impact of many brands in the domestic and international markets, Han Shuo has been steadily innovating and has made breakthroughs in 10 years of development.

  In 2012, Han Shujin entered the Watsons, and the Shanghai Fengxian Hanshu Industrial Park covering an area of 75,000 square meters was started. The brand won the "Girlfriend" million readers' beauty and beauty awards "Year of Cost-effective Product Award", and won the "2012 China Cosmetics Annual Skincare Brand" award from the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.

  Following Cui Zhiyou's endorsement of Han Shu in 2010, in 2012, the superstar Lin Zhiling eloquently endorsed Han Shu, and opened a new decade of pride for Han Shu.

  Brand challenges:

  The decade of Han Shuyi’s steady progress is also a decade of rapid development in the cosmetics market and the Internet. Brand competition has become increasingly fierce, and new and famous brands at home and abroad have continued to capture the network communication positions and Internet channels. The target audience's haptic system and consumption habits have undergone unprecedented changes. They began to listen more to the voices from the Internet, frequently participate in the interaction of social media, and even use the Internet to make purchases, and to conduct subsequent evaluation and sharing.

  The cosmetics market, branding and channels are being refactored. Han Shu’s old official website and marketing channels are facing changes in the market environment and changes in the way of communication. In order to take the key position in this reconstruction, Han Shu needs to rebuild his own network communication position and adopt new communication. The media carries out brand promotion and interaction.

  In this process, on the one hand, we must explore the brand precipitation accumulated by Han Shu for many years and guide the direction of public opinion; on the other hand, carry out brand building and position construction with the times, seek deeper and broader communication, and achieve horizontal and vertical. Deep mining; later, to stimulate the interaction of the target audience in a more intimate way, enhance the user experience, and let the brand concept reach the audience sense.


  Responsive website construction, open the multi-screen era

  Using the popular responsive layout HTML5+CSS3.0 to solve the problem of multiple terminals, the responsive layout can provide a more comfortable interface and a better user experience for users of different terminals. With the rapid development of various terminals nowadays, It is especially important to make some web pages that can adapt to different resolutions, different platforms, and different screen sizes. This not only makes the website more adaptable to different terminals, but also brings a better experience for users.

  Secondly, the product is designed in the same way, so that users can quickly solve the customer's demand for products from the actual application.

  Han Shu's old website banner image is displayed in FLASH image, and the visual effect is good, but the drawbacks of Flash are also obvious. The loading speed is not compatible with mobile devices, and there are problems with security. In order to solve the above problems, without losing the original texture of the picture, the new website uses the current cutting-edge Jquery script to achieve the gradient switching of the banner picture, ensuring excellent interaction without losing the sense of movement!

  Each page is designed with the reader's reading habits in mind, and the images and texts echo each other, greatly enhancing the readability of the page content. ?

  IWOM manages, precipitates and reshapes the brand image

  After in-depth consumer insights, the planning team found that Han Shu is a high-end professional hydrating beauty brand. The target audience is active in relatively concentrated theme websites, forums, blogs and Weibo for their highly inclined social interaction. platform. In addition, they will use the knowing and question-answering platform to collect preliminary information for security reasons and personal habits before choosing to purchase. Therefore, we adopt a targeted strategy based on the habits and brand tones of the target audience.

  Network brand building goal

  Internet word of mouth promotion strategy

  Relying on search engine optimization technology and media library, the brand exposure will be promoted, and good user reputation will be shaped through Weibo, knowledge platform, BBS and PR. Increase customer sales through topical activities such as online hot events and festival events.

  Platform integration

  Microblogging interactive

  In line with the customer's own TV show "If You Are the One", Han Shu's Weibo has been targeted and refined, and the number of fans has increased sharply. With the exposure of Han Shu Weibo's own brand and the attraction of Weibo content. The recommendation of the makeup artist, the red man of the microblogging event, as of Christmas on December 25, in just a few months, the number of Korean fans has reached 100,000.

  Service outcome

  Han Shu’s Baidu Index reached its peak in 2013;

  * Extensive exposure of Han Shu brand and fashion beauty skin care through major portals, vertical media, BBS, WIKI, Weibo and other platforms;

  * The positive evaluation of the product trial by the people, guiding more users to pay attention to the Han Shu brand, thereby increasing product sales;

  * Estimated exposure is 4,500,000;

  * Weibo fans increased by 80,000, and fans reached 20%;

  * The news rate is 100%, the media homepage/channel page is recommended 70%, and the search engine home page rate is 70%.