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Herbalife 2016 new year new taste: ‘Jade’ see the warmth of the milkshake

Herbalife 2016 new year new taste: ‘Jade’ see the warmth of the milkshake

  Case background

  Herbalife International, founded in 1980, is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA. Herbalife is a leading global nutrition and weight management direct sales company with a network of independent distributors in more than 80 countries around the world, sold through more than 2 million independent distributors. Herbalife's mission is to make your life even more exciting by offering great career opportunities and top-notch nutrition and weight management products.

  As a global food and beverage replacement brand, Herbalife's protein nutrition milkshake has been popular among consumers since its launch. The products are healthy and delicious, providing people with the daily dietary nutrients and helping consumers to create their ideals more easily. figure.

  In February 2016, just as the traditional Chinese New Year, the Herbalife milkshake introduced a new flavor – the cornshake. How to make use of the unique festival of the Spring Festival and the promotion of corn milkshake is the primary goal of Herbalife's communication.

  Case video:


  Marketing challenge

  Mobile is the era of mobile, mobile marketing, especially WeChat marketing competition is fierce, during the Spring Festival is an important node of marketing, how to attract fans in such a node, this is a test for marketing. Secondly, Herbalife milkshake products are well known to the public as a nutritional supplement. The corn-flavored milkshake launched this time is a nutritious breakfast for non-healthcare products. How to change consumers' inherent knowledge of branded products, so as to seize more demand from non-only weight-loss target audience, this marketing is facing Severe test.

  Marketing communication goals:

  As the competition in the health care products market becomes more and more fierce, “products are the only stars”, and the corn milkshake as a brand transformation can be particularly important for consumers to accept.

  Therefore, the main objectives of this event are proposed to be:

  1) Promote new product corn milkshakes to increase the exposure of this product during the Spring Festival.

  2) With the traditional festival of the Spring Festival, with the "warm" tonality of the corn milkshake, it will stimulate the public's emotional resonance and let the products penetrate the hearts of the people.

  Marketing communication ideas:

  During the Spring Festival, it is also a winter holiday period, which is a cold time of the year. The corn milkshake is a warm drink suitable for winter drinking. It is not only nutritious and healthy, but also convenient to eat. It can be brewed in warm water, with a cup in hand and warmth. For those who come home for the New Year, it is also a kind of warmth to accompany your family during the cold night: When the Spring Festival is coming, drinking a corn milkshake with your loved ones and fellow villagers will not only convey the warmth, but also share. Family and reunion.

  Therefore, Herbalife and Jindao team reached an agreement: this new year's corn milkshake new product promotion with the "corn milkshake, warm taste" as the theme, tapping the warm relationship between people, between people and products, using Herbalife The form of social media matrix + H5 interaction, with graphics and activities, to communicate with the audience in a warm heart, to create a "warm man" image of corn milkshake.

  The highlights of this case are mainly three points:

  1. In the theme planning, make full use of the characteristics of the Spring Festival human feelings, grasp the warmth appeal between people, combined with the warm taste of the corn milkshake, the corn milkshake is nowadays popular "warm man" The image reveals the warmth of the product in a festive atmosphere.

  2. The rhythm of communication is aimed at people's different appeals to different emotional relationships during the Spring Festival. There are stages of planning corresponding sub-theme activities: Through the “early family warming family and brand interaction at the beginning of the year, the spring holiday main friendship through H5 triggers the circle of friends. Valentine's Day loves to enhance the awareness and understanding of the product. This stage spreads, and the warm theme is fully developed to help fans turn into users of Herbalife products.

  3, the form of the pursuit of diversified display and interaction, through the "social media graphics + virus poster + H5 game", multi-dimensional multi-dimensional bombing of the fans' eyes, so that consumers have a deeper impression of the brand products.

  Marketing communication strategy:

  As one of the top 500 WeChat public accounts that the brand has been cultivating for many years, Herbalife Micro is responsible for the main platform of the event. Herbalife micro-speakers have a large base of fans, and they have a strong brand recognition and recognition. There are not only brand service providers, but most fans are general weight-loss and sports enthusiasts. They have to share and trust endorsements and are more likely to be The audience accepts.

  Implementation process and media performance:

  a. Core fan exposure:

  Beginning in late January, on the Herbalife official website, the micro official website and the Herbalife micro publication, the virus posters and news released by the new products were announced, which triggered fans' expectations. After 500,000+ person-times of sharing, let more people know about the cornshake.

  Communication poster - main warmth

  Service providers spread new products

  Official website screenshot

  b. Years ago WeChat activities: corn milkshake with me warm heart home

  Near the New Year, people enter the tide of returning home. At this time, the concept of “warm heart” of the product can be further strengthened by connecting with the home. Therefore, the micro-published the “corn milkshake with me warm heart to go home” activity, fans input in the background “Malt Shake + Journey” tells your family what you are saying, and will give a corn milkshake as a warmhearted gift to visit your parents. On the way home, there is a can of milkshake, and the mood will be warmer. The event attracted 30,000+ audience participation.

  Micro-drama screenshot - warm heart gift

  Background key data

  Fans and shakes

  c. Mid-week WeChat activities: the annual warmth story collection

  During the New Year period, in order to strengthen the expression of the warm feelings of the fans, we planned to launch the annual warmth story collection activity, and published the activities and graphics of the annual story collection in the micro-publication, inviting fans to tell the warm stories of their New Year, and establish the year. Taste the fan base. Collect and screen the story of the year, push it through the micro-publication, and give back to the fans in the form of a red envelope and a corn shake.

  While telling their story of the year, fans can also get a warm milkshake and the warmth of the product is further enhanced.

  Year-old story fan group

  Activity graphic and fan UGC special

  d.H5 theme communication: help you achieve your New Year wishes

  After the product + virus poster + theme activities in the form of a warm impression on the product, we also launched H5 in time to further strengthen the interaction with consumers, the theme is the New Year wish card, your New Year wishes to H5 In the form of a small partner, you can take the opportunity to express to your friends a variety of requirements for drinking milkshakes, watching movies, traveling, etc. Let the milkshake and desire become a bond.

  H5 event page

  H5 activity data

  e. WeChat activities: see you on Valentine's Day "Jade"

  Follow the Valentine's Day in the Spring Festival of 2016, combine the two festivals, and integrate with family, friendship and warmth, plan to create a "Valentine's Jade 'See you - thin for love" event, will lose weight photos of couples Share to the circle of friends, get 20 friends who are liked by friends and get "corn scarves". The activity caused widespread spread in the WeChat circle, greatly enhancing the influence of the brand and products, making the Spring Festival this wave marketing a perfect ending.

  Activity graphic

  Marketing communication effect:

  This Spring Festival event has a total of 85,000 micro-publishing powders, and fans who have read about 1 million soft-sentences have read, attracting 100,000+ fans to participate in the event, effectively helping the corn milkshake to increase product awareness and gain consumer awareness. It is recognized that the products have achieved higher order sales, an increase of 27% from the previous month.

  Through this communication event, with the traditional festival of the Spring Festival, with the "warm" tonality of the corn milkshake, not only help the brand and products achieve large-scale exposure, but also cause the public to resonate with the public, let everyone know and accept the corn milkshake The product features effectively promote the service merchant group to increase the order quantity of corn milkshakes.