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The city is healthy, HeHa and the light invite you to walk for milk.

The city is healthy, HeHa and the light invite you to walk for milk.

  Marketing background

  Founded in Hong Kong, China in 2015, HeHa is part of the Lee Kum Kee Health Products Group. It is an important brand mission of “making people live better” and provides consumers with information on health, family, work, friends and other aspects through the mobile Internet platform. With the service. HeHa App is committed to helping more users develop healthy habits by adhering to the concept of conveying happiness and health.

  Case video

  Marketing challenge

  In recent years, the development trend of mobile Internet has been rising, and the sports record APP in the market has emerged endlessly. For example, Nike+ and Runtastic in foreign countries are relatively mature in development, and the audience acceptance is also high, occupying most market share; The 咕咚 movement +, Yue lap, the market share is also quietly expanding.

  1. HeHa was established in 2015, entering the market late, and the audience acceptance is low.

  2. The market is fiercely competitive. The well-known brands in the same industry are relatively mature and well-known. They have accumulated a certain amount of loyal users, and the market share is running low.

  3. The promotion time is short, and it is required to rapidly develop the market and increase the popularity in the short term.

  Marketing communication goal

  HeHa hopes to open the market in Shanghai first, enhance its popularity, and promote the concept of “HeHa Ten Thousand Steps”, which will increase the download volume of HeHa APP and achieve the goal of 5w+ for newly registered users.

  Marketing communication creativity

  HeHa is the first to hope to reach the promotion target in Shanghai and open up the audience market. HeHa is a brand that is positioned as “young health”. The pace of life is fast, the work is busy, and the irregular diet has become the norm of the first-tier cities like Shanghai. In a situation, the Jindao marketing team proposed to endorse the well-known brand of Shanghai, with the healthy and friendly brand image of Guangming Milk in Shanghai and the well-known reputation of the company, and cooperated with Guangming's fresh e-commerce company, Guangming Urban Garden, to plan and launch. Walk for milk" activity. This “healthy” + “healthy” activity allows the public to establish a sense of daily walking and supplemented with healthy drinks as a reward, attracting a large number of users to register and pay attention.

  Precise user positioning in the early stage of the activity, targeted promotion of the soft text in the core social media: WeChat, mainstream portal, BBS and other platforms, the perfect use of KOL's communication effectiveness, warm-up activities, stimulating the enthusiasm of users; H5 "Walking to the Planet" creative game page, integrating offline walking activities, continuously maintaining user enthusiasm, enabling more users to participate in the game, while expanding the influence of the event and brand exposure, attracting the end of the game while attracting the game. APP download, straight line to enhance visibility.

  Marketing communication strategy

  In response to the characteristics and needs of the HeHa App itself, Trueland  has targeted the market's relatively suitable DSP channels and combined with Jindo's own DSP system for audience communication.

  Cross-border cooperative marketing with the visibility of light, attracting the audience of Guangming itself to participate in HeHa's activities, and diverting App downloads.

  This advertisement is selected to be placed on a website with a relatively concentrated target audience such as portal, life, community, finance, and fashion. Such as: Tencent, Netease, Sina, Aili Fashion Network, Shanghai Hotline, etc.

  Through the H5 light application, the user will attract more attention to the brand with beautiful and interesting games, enhance the participation of the event, expand the influence of the event, interact with the audience online, communicate in depth, share the game to the circle of friends, and call for more friends to participate. Formed a virtuous circle of game socialization

  Screen the WeChat public number of sports, fashion, media marketing and other related industries for accurate promotion.

  Execution process and media performance

  The event is divided into four waves for communication

  Wave (preparatory period): For the well-organized and well-organized activities, to determine the propaganda channels and the production of promotional materials, today's headline, perpetual calendar, Huishang screen peripheral media, Sina Shanghai, Sina Weibo, Tencent portal media.

  The second wave (preheating period): news website, Weibo, WeChat platform issued announcements; creation of microblogging topics, microblogging kol promotion; design H5 convene participants, WeChat reds kol promotion H5. Among them, the WeChat public account selected three accounts in the Shanghai area for targeted promotion, and the content was softly implanted, guiding users to participate in activities, and H5 games gained a large number of user experiences and forwarding.

  The third wave (on-line): through the authoritative portal media, Shanghai local media and media reports with good results, all local media forums and other media spread, viral spread, let the "magic million people change milk Waiting for you to participate!" Become a hot topic. At the same time, during the online period, through a large number of activities to participate in the appeal, the operation of the Guangming City Garden twice to exchange milk, to bring a win-win situation for these two brands.

  The fourth wave (activity closing): Two waves of bright milk are sent, that is, the activity is nearing the end, and then the use of the late heat of the activity to continue the topic of the brand, such as the follow-up 2016 first HeHa violent festival, so that the marketing value is enlarged.

  Media performance

  1. Cross-border marketing strategy:

  Sports APP application combined with fresh e-commerce, HeHa teamed up with Guangming City Garden, and with the well-known Shanghai brand “Guangming”, planned to launch the “Walk for Milk” campaign: users completed 10,000 steps per day through HeHa APP record, and completed 30,000 steps in 3 days. You can receive 1 box of bright Mosleyan milk and send it to your home. Help Guangming City Garden to expand its brand influence, and also promote the popularity of HeHa Sports App to achieve a win-win situation.

  2. The official website platform is built:

  In the Guangming City Garden official website home page focus map set activity portal, PC & Mobile side to build Minisite page, guide users to enter the event page to participate in activities. The user scans the QR code in the Minisite page to enter the mobile application market download page. At the same time, the user downloads the red envelope and participates in walking and sends milk as the title highlight to attract traffic, and guides the online and offline users to the event page. To increase the visibility of the event.

  3. Efficient dissemination of social media:

  Accurately target audiences: white-collar youth groups in Shanghai, through the Sina, Guangming, Netease, public comment and other major portals and the Shanghai hotline, fence network and other local life BBS jointly launched the "walking for milk" soft text, pre-throwing event information, pre- Hot, detonated the whole network; for the Shanghai area to carry out KOL promotion of friends circle, selection and sports fashion, fashion media marketing, lifestyle and health-related industries, WeChat public large scale for accurate promotion. Users can access the event news from different channels such as mobile phone startup screen, portal advertisement, video pre-post, Sina Weibo, WeChat public, EDM, member SMS, etc., and multi-dimensional exposure will be large.

  4. H5 application expands influence and strengthens brand exposure:

  WeChat light application H5 "walk to the planet" creative game spread, online interaction with the audience, forming a virtuous circle of game social. Enhance the participation of the event, expand the influence of the event, attract users to further attention to the brand, and drain the APP download.

  5. Programmatically purchase visitors to retrieve technology and dynamic creative technologies:

  DSP technology accurately locates users, accurately finds the core audience, and multi-screen linkage through PC+ mobile cross-transaction platform.

  Intelligent automatic matching, multi-screen optimization in time and space, multi-dimensional optimization, effectively improve conversion rate.

  6. Synchronous promotion of offline activities:

  The use of offline campus, theater and other places to promote the user's attention to the brand and activities, through the activity of the QR code, the user will guide the event page to form an effective closed-loop marketing strategy.

  7, the amount of gifts, the brand image is effectively improved:

  The original 10,000 boxes of milk was redeemed in advance, and 2,000 boxes of milk were temporarily added to the event, and the company was completely replaced. It effectively maintains the participants' enthusiasm for participation, maintains the enthusiasm of the event, maintains a bright and healthy brand image, and deepens consumers' perception of the HeHa brand concept.

  Marketing communication effect

  The three-wave promotion of WeChat friends circle has achieved remarkable results:

  Wave promoted the event information and participation guidance for the H5 page. A total of 46 friends circle KOL was selected for promotion, covering 591,349 fans. The second and third waves were mainly for the game page, attracting friends to help, promote secondary forwarding, and select a total of 125 friends circle KOL account, totaling 3,002,433 fans.

  According to the campaign and the selection of three accounts in Shanghai, the WeChat public account was targeted for promotion. The content was softly implanted, with a total reading volume of 31,062. There were also many users' messages, and the fans' passion was high.

  The activity soft text was released on a number of well-known portals and forums, and generated high traffic, which enabled the popularity of the event to spread.

  The milk exchange reached 12,000 cases, and HeHa APP reached nearly 80,000 users in Shanghai during the one month period of the event, exceeding the predetermined KPI by 60%.

  The effect of this cross-border cooperation activity is completely out of the expectation of the brand. The efficient conversion has created an excellent brand influence and laid a good user base for HeHa's next product promotion, as well as its other cities. Communication activities provide examples.