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Guangming City Garden ‘527 Food Festival’, detonated the city

Guangming City Garden ‘527 Food Festival’, detonated the city

  Marketing background

  Guangming City Garden is a regional fresh e-commerce platform under the Guangming Food Group. It is positioned as a “family food e-commerce” to launch fresh food distribution business for the people in Shanghai. As a newly-born e-commerce website, it is undoubtedly the main target of the stage marketing to quickly obtain traffic in a short period of time, enhance brand awareness, and bring new customers to register. In addition, it is also necessary for users to have a recognition of the brand. Fresh products belong to the food category, so consumers must be assured that they can cause purchases. (Execution time: April 20, 2015 - May 30, 2015)

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  Marketing challenge

  Competitors of Guangming City Garden, such as “Delicious Qiqi”, have already entered the Shanghai market in 2012. After three years of deep cultivation, they have accumulated millions of members and have a very high reputation in the Shanghai market (Baidu The average index is around 2000.) In addition, "Tmall" and other e-commerce giants also regard the Shanghai market as a battleground.

  As a fresh fresh e-commerce business, Guangming Urban Garden has a total of about 100,000 urban vegetable gardens before the start of marketing communication, with an average of 600 orders per day. The Baidu index is almost zero. Therefore, in the fierce competition between inside and outside, the weak body resists the foreign caller giants entering the Shanghai market, and strives to seize the share of the internal market. It is not a small challenge for Guangming City Garden to go out of a broad road.

  Marketing communication goals:

  1. Rapidly enhance the brand awareness of Guangming City Garden. Let 30% of Shanghai's people know the bright e-commerce. On the 527, the Baidu Index reached 2,500 or more.

  2. Rapidly increase the number of users, and double the growth on the existing basis, that is, reach more than 200,000 registered users.

  3. Rapidly increase sales volume, breaking through 10,000 orders on May 27 and reaching an average of 5,000 orders per day in June.

  Marketing communication ideas:

  Plan the city to find 527 activities, and use social media marketing to carry out viral communication. The homophonic sound of 527 is "I love to eat" from the perspective of communication, which is more conducive to the expansion of the topic. Secondly, May 27 is also the anniversary of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Guangming Group's predecessor, the May Fourth Farm. It is very memorable, so choose 527 for Guangming. A food carnival that benefits the people of Shanghai.

  Marketing communication strategy:

  1. Consumer insights

  In the early stage, consumer research was conducted through online and offline channels, and the “Investigation on the Dining Methods of Shanghai Municipality and Officials and Business Persons” was published online, and media talks were held online. From the survey data, we compare the willingness and desire of all kinds of people to go home to eat, and also understand that Shanghai's fresh e-commerce is passing the "Internet + vegetable basket" model, changing the dilemma of urban office workers and families. .

  2. Market Insight

  Creating an online shopping festival seems to be the marketing technique used by all the well-known e-commerce companies after Tmall "Double 11". Because of the homonym of "I" and "Eat", Shanghai's fresh e-commerce is at 5.7, 5.17, 5.27 plus. The strength of the big market, so we started to move in this direction at the beginning of marketing. In the face of the upcoming May, the urban vegetable garden marketing team had a consensus at the beginning of the three-digit "517" homonym "I want to eat" to make a wave of food festival campaign. After experiencing a series of brainstorming and about to implement the strategy, we found that the competitors were too crazy. The 517 food festivals such as the public comment and the delicious Qiqiqi had been overwhelming, so we immediately adjusted our strategy and repeatedly communicated with the Guangming Group. , finally reached an agreement to create 527 Bright Food Festival!

  The target audience of Guangming City Garden is 20-50 years old urban white-collar workers. As a new brand with limited activity budget, the main strategy is to focus on the effect-based platform, supplemented by some soft-text postings, etc. A favorite channel for centralized exposure.

  3. Marketing channel display:

  (1) Mobile media: Today's headlines and other mobile news terminals, Hui lock screen and other app implants, viva reading and other wireless new media

  (2) DSP platform: Sina Fu wing, Guangdiantong, Netease tanx, etc.

  (3) Social media: Weibo, WeChat, KOL

  (4) EPR: News, Forum, Q&A

  (5) H5 light application combo master

  Execution process and media performance

  All the marketing and promotion are all around the three figures of 527. In order to strengthen the concept of 527 Food Festival, Jindao has designed three waves of activities.

  Wave (preheating period) planning "City Search 527" activities: design rules for 527 food festival activities, that is, as long as the birthday contains 5, 2, 7 three of the figures, consumers registered in May Become a member of Guangming City Garden, you can get a bright gift package worth 300 yuan. And there is still a chance to draw the smart car award that was sent out by Guangming. Starting from May 8th, Shanghai's popular online platforms and WeChat KOL forwarded a picture of the Jiugongge group with the theme of “Looking for 527 in the whole city”, which attracted countless eyeballs because of its everywhere. One stone has stirred up thousands of waves, and the netizens who have awakened thousands of years of diving have enthusiastically interacted, participated in the activities and the number of people who have been surpassing has soared, winning a large number of clusters.

  The second wave of the film "Avengers Alliance 2" design "Bob Enemy Alliance Urgent Search 527" poster, Guangming urban vegetable garden and then look for people boom. Through the micro-blog and WeChat platform for viral communication, the influence of the “527 Food Festival” has been increased, and its form has become more and more abundant, fully mobilizing the two-way interaction between the Guangming urban vegetable garden and the ordinary citizens. Pulled the activity to a very high heat.

  The third wave is customized to suit the current young people's preferences. The H5 light application: 527combo master game, find the three numbers of randomly dropped "5", "2" and "7" in the picture. Then you must click “confirm” in the order of “5”, 2, and “7” to earn points rewards. If you accumulate the points, you can redeem the corresponding prizes provided by Guangming City Garden, and ignite the fans' passion through the game.

  At the same time, in conjunction with DSP advertising and the placement of various media and apps, visitors are exposed to relevant products and recommended products, and dynamic ideas are used to cater to users' interests and enhance user experience. The city was detonated on May 27th.

  Media performance

  1. Social media is hard and wide:

  In the way of CPD & CPM, buy the advertising space of Sina Shanghai Station and Sina Weibo Fantong and the advertising space on the website of Tencent. Make sure the event is highly exposed on mainstream websites.

  Two local forums, such as Broadband Mountain and Fence Online, were launched. The community's top posts, EDM, and focus advertisements all showed the “City of the City 527” exposure, repeated exposure, and once again gathered the popularity of the event.

  2. Programmatic advertising purchase:

  The DSP procurement method is to make the advertisements of the 527 Bright Food Festival cover the major websites during the event, ensuring the high exposure of the overall activities and successfully attracting a large number of users.

  3. Full coverage of cross-border cooperation, enhanced exposure of mobile applications

  Through programmatic buying, the “Looking for 527” campaign was launched in a variety of tools and news apps, so that the mobile terminal also promoted the Guangming 527 Food Festival. Cooperate with the popular life app such as Drip Drip and Community Worry, and cover millions of users in Shanghai.

  4, outdoor advertising offline promotion

  Coverage of large-scale advertisements in areas where people are concentrated, and offline marketing.

  5, the mainstream portal website media reports caused a hot discussion

  The release of press releases from mainstream portals has rapidly increased the network traffic of the Bright "527" Food Festival.

  Marketing communication effect

  On May 27th, the keyword “527 Bright Food Festival” was searched by netizens. The Baidu index rushed to a historical high, 6,000 points higher than the expected 2500 points.

  In line with the bright promotion node, with the gradual exertion of online channels and the cooperation of multiple channels under the line, on the day of the 527 event,

  The overall volume of the brand reached its peak. Compared with competing products, Baidu Index rose sharply on the day: (The following data comes from Baidu Index)

  The huge spread of event posters and viral poster media has received high-frequency exposure on news portals, forums, Weibo, WeChat and other platforms.

  On the 25th to 25th of May, the 527combo master game's WeChat light application reached its climax. The app gained a lot of user experience and forwarding, and the conversion coupons were up to 27%.

  During the WeChat light application, the total PV: 43,517 pages, UV: 21,933 times. The average browsing time is 4 minutes and 20 seconds. The number of visits peaked on May 27. Played a good promotion role. The event was issued with 6,260 coupons. The conversion rate is as high as 28.5%. (The above data comes from Baidu statistics)

  The website of the day PV: 3,834,448 (original KPI: up to 500,000) Completion rate: 7669%

  Website of the day UV: 219,926 (original KPI: up to 100,000) Completion rate: 220%

  Accumulated registered members: 339,976 (original KPI: up to 200,000) Completion rate: 170%

  Order volume for the day: 27,414 orders (original KPI: up to 10,000 orders) Completion rate: 274%

  Same day sales: 1,485,973 yuan (original KPI: up to 100,000) Completion rate: 1486%

  (The above data comes from the statistics of the third-party monitoring company 99click, the KPI data is from the customer)