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Lu Jinsuo Micro Service: A little more every day, earning money

Lu Jinsuo Micro Service: A little more every day, earning money

  Marketing background

  Lu Jinsuo, a member of China Ping An Group, is also one of the leading Internet finance brands in China. In recent years, mobile marketing has sprung up everywhere, and various social media mobile terminals have become the big traffic portal for mobile Internet. Lujin is also in urgent need of further improving user stickiness and investment conversion rate and enhancing social communication effects on the mobile side, especially in the WeChat marketing field.

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  Marketing challenge

  How to market in mobile, especially in the field of WeChat marketing, to further improve user stickiness and investment conversion rate, and increase the effect of social communication has become a new challenge for Lu Jinsuo.

  Marketing goal

  In the process of cooperation between Lu Jinsuo and Trueland, two marketing objectives were proposed:

  1. Enhance user stickiness and social communication effects, expand brand influence, and enhance user trust and loyalty to brand products.

  2. Improve user service experience and investment transformation.

  Marketing communication creativity

  Accurately grasp the characteristics of the socialization, mobileization and fragmentation of the WeChat public number marketing platform, and strive to enhance the brand influence of Lujin while providing users with convenient and high-quality services, with the operation of “content marketing + technology-driven”. The model will build Lujin's WeChat public account into a window for Lujin's external image display. It integrates the sales platform and customer service tools to fully display the core advantages of Lujin, deepen the brand influence, and enhance users' brand products. Trust, improve the investment conversion of Lujin users.

  Grasp the social hotspots, respond quickly to the current topic, carry out content marketing upgrades, and combine the hot topics such as “Qingdao High Price Shrimp Event”, “Single Day” and “Easter” with product selling points to carry out creative communication. Different from the rigid and serious image of the traditional financial industry, it shows Lu Jinsuo's affinity, humor and professional side, and comprehensively enhances the fan activity and marketing effect of Lujin Micro Service.

  Marketing communication strategy

  Through research and analysis of the financial industry, we found that in terms of financial platforms, it is more important to serve the existing users and contribute to the development of their investment stickiness, to some extent even more than to acquire new customers. Under the suggestion of Lu Jinsuo’s Jindao, this is the starting point. After a lot of market research and consumer insights, we launched the WeChat service number, “Lu Jinsuo Micro Service”, which aims to enhance the customer's investment experience.

  In the case of extremely limited cost budget, Trueland plans to use the "content marketing + technology-driven" operating model to create a window for Lu Jinsuo's external image display, integrating sales platform and customer service tools, and fully displaying Lu Jinsuo. The core advantages of the company are to deepen the brand influence, thereby enhancing the user's trust in the brand products and improving the investment conversion of Lujin users.

  Execution process and media performance

  Plan three parts of the wonderful content, through specific activities and themes, clarify the purpose of the media strategy, efficiently complete each step of marketing planning, and ultimately achieve the overall marketing objectives.

  Step1: Attracting registered fans

  Time: June 2015

  In 2015, Lujin registered nearly 10 million users, and the user level is far ahead in the industry. Combined with the concept of “10 million”, the platform is powerful. The Jindao marketing team planned a witness campaign through the “Lujin Micro Service” platform, inviting fans to witness the birth of the 10 millionth user of Lujin.

  Through the innovation of the activity mechanism, fans are encouraged to bring their friends around to participate in the witness activities. Through the channels of WeChat Redskins, KOL and other channels, the creative content of the texts will be promoted and spread, and the “reward” will bring a lot of New registered user. The campaign has covered more than 2 million person-times; more than 190,000 user attentions and interactions have been received, and more than 50,000 fans have finally participated in the event, and the brand influence has been further enhanced.

  Step2: User sticky culture

  Time: August-December 2015

  Highlighting Lu Jinsuo’s affinity, humor and professionalism, he has changed the traditional financial industry to give a conservative and stereotype. The Jindao marketing team has planned a targeted WeChat content soft text promotion program, and selected the hot events and topics that are consistent with the branding of Lujin. It is suitable for the hot spot events and topics combined with the product selling points, such as: “Qingdao Sky Price Shrimp incidents, "single day", "Easter", etc., relying on marketing. In just 4 months, the public's graphic reading and sharing data increased by more than 500%, and the fan's stickiness increased significantly.

  In addition, a series of novel and interesting activities such as “60 Second Land Academy” were planned and launched, which greatly mobilized the interaction enthusiasm of new and old users, enhanced users' understanding and trust of brands and products, and the brand's volume increased rapidly, and the product selling points were effectively effective. The spread of the game ensures the continuous improvement of the stickiness of the fans. The game has more than 120,000 online users at the same time, and more than 200,000 UGC copywriters are collected from fans through the game, which really makes fans become the creators of brand reputation. At the peak of the game, there are more than 80,000 online users. Fans of the public number increased by more than 300%; reading data increased by more than 500%; daily average fan interaction data exceeded 100,000 person/day.

  Step3: Improve user experience

  Time: October 2015 - January 2016

  Through user insight and a large number of user feedback analysis, the positioning of the “tooling” of the “Lujin Micro Service” platform was gradually clarified, and Lujin’s microservices were built into a Lujin’s handheld investment tool. Through the development of the WeChat public number interface function, we strive to cover the actual needs of users at different stages before, during and after the investment, continuously improve the user experience, and promote the user's first investment conversion and reinvestment. User sign-in, manual customer service, inquiry collection calendar, investment details inquiry, new account manager and other practical functions are intensively launched, which greatly meets the customer's investment and after-sales demand.

  At the same time, through the WeChat activities and functional interfaces, the target users are accurately issued nearly 200,000 investment vouchers (1 investment vouchers can be deducted 1 yuan when Lu Jinsuo invested, can not be cashed out). The total number of users covered by the activity exceeded 700,000 person-times. During the peak period, the average daily WeChat function interface was called more than 130,000 person/day.

  The activity has sent nearly 200,000 investment vouchers, which has greatly boosted the investment conversion of new users and the reinvestment of old users, and achieved excellent conversion results. The investment conversion rate of newly registered users reached 30%.

  Marketing communication effect

  The “10 million” user witnessed the event coverage of more than 2 million person-times; more than 190,000 user attentions and interactions were received, and more than 50,000 fans finally participated in the event, and the brand influence was further enhanced.

  Within four months, the “Lujin Micro Service” public image reading and sharing data grew by more than 500%, the public number of fans increased by more than 300%; the average daily fan interaction data exceeded 100,000 person/day.

  The number of games such as "60 Seconds of Land Academy" has more than 120,000 simultaneous online users. More than 200,000 UGC files have been collected from fans through games, and the number of online games at the peak has exceeded 80,000.

  The investment vouchers have covered more than 700,000 users. During the peak period, the average daily WeChat function interface has been called more than 130,000 person-times/day, and 200,000 investment vouchers have been issued. The investment conversion rate of newly registered users has reached 30%.