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Father loves the post office has been opened, "Dad" said your love

Father loves the post office has been opened, `Dad` said your love

  Marketing background:

  Ping An International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ping An Group specializing in financial leasing business and an important member of the Group's investment sector. Since its establishment three years ago, its business has developed rapidly. As of November 2016, the assets reached 100 billion.

  In stark contrast to the company's rapid development, it is the branded volume of Ping An Leasing in the Internet media.

  At the end of 2015, Ping An Leasing wanted to quickly create a brand professional image in the Internet field, and further enhance the brand's voice through various soft exposures, thereby expanding its reputation and precipitating brand digital assets in the industry.

  With the 3rd Anniversary of Ping An Leasing, Ping An Leasing has accumulated a lot of money and started to explore the digital marketing field with social media communication as a breakthrough point.

  Marketing objectives:

  1. With the theme of Father's Day, bring new fans to the official public account;

  2. Passing Ping An Leasing brand care, providing employees and fans with a platform and carrier to express their feelings to their loved ones, and also paying tribute and gratitude to the Ping An rental staff who have worked hard for their work and hard work for a long time;

  3. Enhance the image of Ping An Leasing brand with the help of Father's Day emotional marketing theme and offline physical card delivery activities.


  On-line Father's Day "The Cow Tears" activity, created with emotions, mobilized fans to participate in the enthusiasm and share their family stories, according to the user's story, produced two sets of different styles of Father's Day theme postcards;

  (style 1)

  (Style 2)

  second stage:

  Show the father's day fan UGC theme postcard and accompany the online event H5 page, collect fans "Dad" gas blessing;

  H5 link


  (H5 screenshot)

  The third phase:

  Hand-written every Father's Day blessing from the user, together with the postal EMS, began the happiness transfer one week before the festival. EMS created a green channel for the event to ensure that each blessing can be delivered on time before Father's Day. Let Ping An lease a bridge of emotion between two generations, and use a postcard to evoke the good memories shared by the father and son.

  Marketing communication strategy:

  1. With the help of Father's Day hotspots, emotional marketing will cut into the company's employees and fans' minds, and launch the “Father Love Post Office” activities;

  2. Progressive marketing, with the help of the activity link progressive setting, mobilize the audience to actively participate in the activity and become the active content creator and communicator.

  Marketing effect:

  1. Marketing graphics and H5 page views 113,701 person-times, users actively share more than 13,000 person times

  2. Accumulated more than 4,200 submissions from user stories

  3, accumulated more than 3800 postcard messages received

  4. More than 5,700 new fans in the stage

  Under the premise of a budget of 0, the event has won the enthusiastic participation and sharing of fans in just a few days, and has been widely praised at the level of Ping An Leasing staff.

  (Friends circle screenshot)