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Company Profile

  Shanghai Insight Software Information Technology Co., Ltd. is part of the Trueland Group (www.71360.com).

  As a leading provider of new retail digital services and total solutions in China, Shanghai Insight has deepened the essence of new retail formats through years of customer practice accumulation and strong R&D capabilities and integration of industry, education and research to help companies design from consumer contact platforms. Development (PC/WeChat/Small Program/APP), network-wide integrated traffic operation (new media/search/community/information flow), customer big data member asset operation (DMP/DSP/IMEI), cloud computing infrastructure (IDC), e-commerce operation, system optimization of online and offline commercial platform architecture, etc., fully empowered.

  In the future, Shanghai Insight will continue to innovate and break through in the field of new retail digital services, leading the innovation and development of new retail enterprise application service systems.