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New retail industry solutions

T-OAO Solution

Enterprise empowerment

The OAO solution delivery process is
a process of technology, resources, and data-by-item
empowerment around new retail.

Business architecture

Member-centered new business eco-business system

Multi-scenario architecture for shelf business and social business

Digital Interconnection and IoT Big Data Technology Support

Global digital resource operation

Service system

New retail industry solutions consulting and diagnosis

7 x 24 hour consultant online service

Consumers are exposed to cloud software platforms (PC, APP, WeChat public, micro-ecology, H5, applets) Support a variety of business structures such as retail, distribution, export, B2B2C2S commercial supply chain.
Whole network order management system.
Distributed Warehouse Management System .
Global distributed data middleware platform (interconnected / IoT / offline interactive terminal data sharing unified).

Platform technology supply

Trading layer data (order, logistics, distributed warehousing).
PC-side user behavior data.
Mobile user behavior data.
Offline store consumer line data (face recognition / commercial wifi).
Offline intelligent terminal interaction data (sales machine / smart store / smart chip).

Data capture and calculation

Business crowd insight and tag library unit.
Has refined customer value-added assets (repurchase / loyalty).
The potential customer group tag identification group is accurately touched (directional / pull new / conversion).

Consumer asset management

Search marketing, content marketing, programmatic advertising, overseas marketing and other global marketing drainage capabilities Baidu, Tencent, Sina, Netease, headlines, Youku Iqiyi, Google, Yandex mainstream media core resources delivery at home and abroad.
DSP big data precision marketing platform.
Distributed Warehouse Management System.
Traffic operation in a third-party EC station.

Network traffic

Optimization of new business elements.
Optimized for “goods targeting” based on analysis of traders and audiences.
Business data analysis optimizes the "goods looking for people" mode upgrade.
Network-wide traffic and community layout optimization.

New business factor optimization

Industry Community Resources (KOL Powder Group).
Vertical community resources (platform & KOL powder group).
Socialized EC platform operation (spelling group, shopping guide).
WeChat commercial ecological resources operation.
Sunken channel resource operation.

Community resource operation

New Retail Online & Offline Covers the industry

Combining the actual business characteristics of various industries, the Zhendao OAO solution will use the public cloud + private cloud method to effectively output the solution.
Promote the transformation of business from business management to data operation, and ultimately realize smart business